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    That doesn't count Al', there has to be a screenshot of some sort.
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    Yesterday I landed at Gibraltar airport for the first time. For me this was an interesting event as this airfield is supposed to be one of the most dangerous airports in Europe. The runway is short, with the sea at both ends so any miscalculation is paid for in spades. I was in an Airbus 320, and our approach was from the east. It looked like we were going to land in the sea, but crossed the threshold just before touchdown and once the wheels were on the ground the air brakes were up and the reverse thrusters were deployed fully for what seemed to be a much longer period than usual. We stopped in time and turned around at the end of the runway to taxi back to the terminal, passing the traffic jam caused by the road closure made for us to land. Yes the main dual carriageway road crosses the runway and the traffic is stopped when an aircraft uses the runway. I will post photos and videos later when I am back in the UK. But until then I would recomend that you try a landing ar Gib on your sim, JF do a good add-on to make it that more interesting.
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    All the best Alan.
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    Happy Birthday Al, sounds like you are going to have a gas.
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    Happy Birthday Alan, enjoy your day or celebrate for a week like we do in our family. Yahoo!!!
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    hey Alan... happy reminders of when the stork brought you
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    Yep! There will be weapons of mass diSTINCKtion!!!
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    Bognor will be a no fly zone on Sunday!
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    Let us know how you like Solo. It's box office performance to date is not too good. John
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    OK, as it is early on we will allow editing this month but that doesn't guarantee a winner. Muhahhah
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    thanks Jim, very useful........
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    nice one, my first ever flight was as a young soldier, we flew from the UK to Gib in the back of a Hercules, I couldn't tell anyone I hadn't flown before and was nervous, didn't see the landing or the runway but have great memories of the Island........enjoy your stay....
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