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    Will post the airport diagram bundle for this sector tomorrow. John EDIT: Diagrams bundle is up and available for downloading. JDA
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    Yesterday I landed at Gibraltar airport for the first time. For me this was an interesting event as this airfield is supposed to be one of the most dangerous airports in Europe. The runway is short, with the sea at both ends so any miscalculation is paid for in spades. I was in an Airbus 320, and our approach was from the east. It looked like we were going to land in the sea, but crossed the threshold just before touchdown and once the wheels were on the ground the air brakes were up and the reverse thrusters were deployed fully for what seemed to be a much longer period than usual. We stopped in time and turned around at the end of the runway to taxi back to the terminal, passing the traffic jam caused by the road closure made for us to land. Yes the main dual carriageway road crosses the runway and the traffic is stopped when an aircraft uses the runway. I will post photos and videos later when I am back in the UK. But until then I would recomend that you try a landing ar Gib on your sim, JF do a good add-on to make it that more interesting.
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    @dodgy-alan happy birthday young man, hope you have a good day sir........
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    That doesn't count Al', there has to be a screenshot of some sort.
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    Yep! There will be weapons of mass diSTINCKtion!!!
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    Bognor will be a no fly zone on Sunday!
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    As I'm still flying this route as I type, I decided to throw a few screenshots out which are fresh from the sim to the forum without resizing or sharpening (apologies to those with a different screen res to mine!) As you've probably noticed, I'm really enjoying my PMDG 777 at the moment, despite the fact it only comes with a -200LR variant, so technically speaking this BA livery is fictional (And some of you might know how I like everything to be as realistic as possible!) Anyway, I'm recreating a real world route that I was a passenger on a couple of weeks ago - the BA2166 TPA-LGW on the B772. Here are a few screens from the early stages of that flight. Thanks!
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    I worked on the aircraft featured in that film when I was a weekend volunteer at Booker. A lot of the film was shot around there! We had quite a lot of stuff in the hangars and a few of the planes. Great fun.
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    Thanks very much Guys, really appreciate the thoughts. Going to the cinema later this afternoon to see Solo, then going out for a big ruby* tomorrow night For our American friends, Ruby = Ruby Murray = Curry! A bit o' Cockney innit!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alan and all our good wishes from sunny Italy.
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    Happy birthday Al', have a good day. All the best.
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    Some really great entries this month and the addition of the related vehicles made it that much better They are all winning shots but the most cheeky of all is IZ0JUB's Piaggio P180 Avanti entry, well done Mike!
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    Happy birthday Al - Especially for you!
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    Happy birthday, you dodgy rascal you. John
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    happy birthday, Alan
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    For those interested in commercial airliners in FS and haven't been on the dark side of the Moon for the last week you can't help but notice that Qualitywings have released the B787 for P3D. This is one aircraft I have been looking forward to adding to my hangar. It has arrived with a few bugs as any complex piece of software will do but overall it is a good looking aircraft. pleasant to fly and with a little refinement could become a favourite. The FMC is the heart of the aircraft but unplug it, fly it manually and you will find it responsive with no ugly surprises. The flight deck is a modern wonder. Very logical in its layout and if, like me, your introduction to FS was in the early 90's or earlier, you will really appreciate the "eye candy" not too mention the depth of detail available at your finger tips. I have around twelve hours logged with the aircraft so far and looking forward to adding more!
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    I am a bit of a ChasePlane fan boy these days - you will not have any issues in setting things up there, if you do, check out my first time use video... It's a VERY old video, and uncut so is a bit lengthy, but I'm sure you can make use out of it. Or search for ChasePlane tutorial on Youtube I think you will not be disappointed at all mate - worth every penny.
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    It is a pleasure to fly - really like the look of this one, they have kept the classic radio stack and the modelling is just superb. I would recommend this one for all GA fans using X-Plane. Nice shots too mate
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    There's another side to the economics for your country, however. "British companies say their involvement in the F-35 jet production is boosting business" https://www.aol.co.uk/news/2018/01/17/british-companies-say-their-involvement-in-the-f-35-jet-producti/?guccounter=1 "...15% of each aircraft will be UK made." "...the programme has generated 12.9 billion dollars in contracts for British suppliers." "The company which is based in Middlesex said their involvement with the programme will sustain approximately 700 jobs."
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