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    Milviz have finally come to their senses and are no longer charging customers a $5.00 fee to upgrade their Milviz products to P3D V4. All customers who have already paid this fee will be refunded. Now, all other major third party add-on developers were quick to announce some time back that upgrades of their respective products to P3D V4 would be free. So I wonder how long it took Milviz to realise they were about the only major third party add-on developer to be hitting their loyal customer base with this charge, a charge, by all accounts, their competitors thought was unreasonable. I mean, really, what were Milviz thinking?
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    Milviz models are good by in my view expencive but worse than that they do not have a proper support system and from my experience choose to ignore communications. I purchased theit T50 Bobcat, the VC is very good but the panel is so blurred it is unreadable so at the end of the day it was a waste of money.
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    For the Aluminum Body Van Fans: A particularly nice restoration of a 1964 Grumman GMC Olsen Step Van: The above concept of a Step In light weight low corrosion van body created with help of an Aluminum Savvy engineer from the Grumman Aircraft company...a couple of examples/entries shown below. Grumman F3F-2: And the Grumman Goose "Honk honk honk": Cheers and good luck to all entrants. Coff.
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    Fret not, Matt.. the Baton is in safe hands..
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