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    That's special flight for own personnel Mutley's Hangar.
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    Happy Birthday old chap, Hope you had a great day.
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    Happy birthday Brett. Sorry its late, I hope you had a great day. 21 was it?
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    Are they the ones that believe sex before marriage leads to dancing. Polytheism
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    Well that sure touches the old ticker just right, you all are the best. Thanks.
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    A timeout was called after Ferdinand's water broke on the field.
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    New definition of the term 'Hand Ball' is added to the rule book today
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    Since it's against the rules to kick your ass.......
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    Im surprised no-one else has tried carrier based flying. I got the VRS F18 superbug yesterday and am considering signing myself up for an avionics course - its seriously impressive. Only had one go at putting her down on a carrier deck so far, its tough
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