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    Yesterday morning I slipped and fell as I was getting out of the shower and landed on my kids Disney toy - I went to A&E and all they did was take the mickey out of me
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    @brett happy birthday sir.. Hope you had a good one...
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    Congrats Brett, hope you are having a lovely day.
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    All the best Brett, hope you have a good day. I will have a bottle of something beer-ish for you.
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    Thanks Wayne, spent it with family which is just the way I like it.
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    Bet she finally drops those pounds she has been moaning about...if not the moaning.
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    Great Fury set. The red and blue is very striking. Nice job!
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    Yes...no....wait...yes I can see the sun!
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    Just had email from ORBX, big sale on......... https://orbxdirect.com/
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    I'm ON it ! Just finishing off clearing my outstanding crossgrade licences (2 to go) but now i know what i've got, its a teeny tiny excuse to take advantage of the offer..
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