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    Well, tested the ground and got a resounding "if you want to go, go". Now that kind of surprised me, to say the least. Mmm, I thought, this warrants more than a Bacon Butty. So, given it's our Ruby and I owe her plenty we're having a weekend at "Mercure Shrewsbury Albrighton Hall Hotel & Spa". I might even be able to drag her away for a few hours to mooch around Hangar 1. Well, you never know ! Will get two tickets, just in case.
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    If you have been married as long as I have Arnie she would be happy to just be with you and be out and about. Just don't forget something a little special for her to make it a 50/50 day. Happy fortieth guys, great milestone in your marriage.
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    As we lose the ability to use fossil fuels through necessity or choice much of the international travel that takes place in terms of people and goods must revert to the sea. Boats can be wind powered either directly or by electricity generated from the wind. battery weight wont be a problem, range will be limitless and no carbon footprint. We all get a parrot for our shoulder, a wooden leg and free lessons on how to properly pronounce "Ha-Harr Jim lad! Shiver me timbers!". Further more we all get to know how to get rid of Seaman Staines, how Bosons mate and what Roger the cabin boy really entails.
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    And Arnie, if you find the time in your busy weekend you might even be able to get to the Flight Sim show at Cosford.
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    Better still book her in for the whole Spa package and while she is enjoying that you go to Cosford.
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    Beautiful shots. Agree with Brett...a ride in a storm chaser would be one of the funnest rides in aviation. That and the vomit comet would be on my bucket list. ( i feel I may have missed a joke involving chasers, vomit and buckets...)
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    In America, VW has a huge subsidiary called "Electrify America." It's been reported that the first phase of their plan calls for 2,800 charging stations. Big retailer Walmart has come aboard by requesting Electrify America charging stations for many of its stores. Here is Electrify America's Plan
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    I have never seen one Alan, sorry.
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