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    Just been emailed this for this year's show. I'll be going for sure so I hope to see some of you there again this year! http://www.flightsimshow.com/
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    I have a great step ladder. I only wish I knew my real ladder.
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    Two nuns were driving along when a vampire jumped on to the windscreen "quick" (said one nun) "get out and show him your cross" The other nun gets out of the car and yells at the vampire in her strictest voice, "GET THE FECK OFF OUR CAR"
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    Thanks everyone, it is a great aircraft and the view from the seat is fantastic !
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    Don't you get a popup with suggested corrective actions, I thought I read something along those lines.
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    Vapour lock is a heat induced issue with the fuel delivery system. Used to cause problems in our cars during the carburetor-era. The easy solution was to let the engine cool off. I flew a great many variants of the Piper PA-28 series a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and I do not recall vapour lock ever being mentioned as something to look out for. Warriors used Lycoming carburetted engines (by recollection) running 100LL. Now, in all fairness, my experience with these aircraft was confined mostly to Ontario and Quebec with some forays into upstate New York. Ground temps could get well up into the 90's (real temperature measurement system). There were rumours of Lycoming and Piper trying to certify these engines on automotive fuel. If that ever happened, it was after my time with them. I suppose that ground handling on automotive gas at hot airports might cause vapour lock.
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    Great little aircraft, nicely caught there.
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    nice one, enjoy your flights in your new addition...
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    It's good you get to practice on it for flying with the real thing, have fun and enjoy the new toy. Looks like it has a good view all around from the cockpit.
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    Very pretty model. Congrats!