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    April 1st marked the 100th anniversary the RAF when the Royal Flying Corps was merged with the Royal Naval Air Service. This month, I would like to see your "tribute" of any aircraft that has flown in the RAF, in RAF livery. Good luck everyone, normal rules apply and the competition closes 30th April.
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    "Then he went into this weird stance and I knew I had to take him out", said the moose.
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    "You heard me Moose", I said "spread 'em!"
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    Thanks Alan, nice pics. Enjoyed looking it up and reading about it.
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    nice one Al, some great shots....
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    hardcore (a type of rubble, or so I've heard)
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    A variant of the vibrator, so I have been told.
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    the Milviz look good but very pricey, might wait for a sale.........thanks for the input.....
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    Nice one Mike. Seems we both had similar ideas. Can't beat a bit of fish tickling!😁
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    Nice screenshot, and nice flying!
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    Thanks for your entries guys It looks like Mike actually got the smoke on the water effect on Lake Geneva, so is the winner with this shot- Well done Mike!
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    I left the original HDD in the case which is my C drive, and also my SSD, which is my E drive, this has my FSX on it. I am going to have to replace the C drive at some stage, as it is running out of storage capacity. Hope this not going to create too much hassle. Reading up on data transfer between HDD's it seems to be a fairly straight forward exercise. Wish i had put in a bigger HDD in the first place. Cheers, Neil
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    Also, try using SPAD. You can try it before buying. https://www.spadnext.com/home.html
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