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    Remember the customer is are usually idiots always right. Talk about starting from scratch, best of luck with the new company. Enjoyed reading about your flights Matt, you always entertain.
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    Very nice tour!
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    My 2 cents: I believe Elon Musk would say that Tesla is a success in progress and SpaceX is progress hoping to be succesful. Elon's goal with Tesla was to kickstart the Electric (not hybrid) car and now truck market...and he has been successful already at that spurring other car makers to offer electric models thanks in part to him open sourcing Tesla's patents....clearly not a move a Money Goal oriented company would make. SpaceX's goal is to establish a Mars colony...not simply launch satelites. It is successfully launching satelites to prove his rockets, fund progress, and eventually tackle Mars...which venture remains to be seen if he will succeed. #2 cents
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    When you can't quiet reach the high notes when singing.......
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    Press Reporters here are having a field day with the concept of electric vehicles. If you listen to the press hype, we'll all be (not) driving driverless electric cars within five years. The reporting is only going to get worse if the country legalizes pot. However they're not bright enough to extend the power requirement out to where the vehicle is parked. This is the old "last mile" conundrum. The Province I live in has almost limitless access to cheap, efficient hydroelectric power. We make so much of it that we supply most of the west coast. However, if I want to have a charging station installed in my 30 year old condo, I'm looking at prohibitive costs - if - I can convince the power company to even consider doing the installation. I imagine the same issue will arise when someone wants to charge up his/her Electro Piper out at the local flying field. My wife and I were in Paris a year or so ago. On our street there were four charging station (parking spaces) dedicated to charging electric vehicles. I didn't count them, but I'm willing to bet there were 100 cars parked on a regular basis on that street. It's hard enough to find a parking spot in a major downtown area. Can you imagine what it will be like if you can only use 4% of the available spots?
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    Created in 2002, West Wales Airport is located at Aberporth on the west coast of Wales. It is owned and operated by West Wales Airport Ltd and supplies services to GA, military and unmanned aircraft alike. Centrally positioned within the segregated flying zones of danger areas D201 and D202 the airfield is in a unique position. Access to these areas, coupled with having created the only CAA accredited UAS operations manual in existence, enables the company to provide the most specialised capability in the UK for the operation of both large and small Unmanned Aircraft. For the past 10 years, the special capabilities and accommodation at the airport has enabled flight operations for many different unmanned systems including the Leonardo Falco and the entire period of test and evaluation of the UK MoD’s Watchkeeper UAS. Supplied by Thales UK, this major military program is now successfully in service with the British Army. Picture taken a few miles north of Aberporth.
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    Swansea to Gloucester a great day out following the River Severn and my friend Stephen in hot pursuit. In June 1941 RAF Fairwood common was declared operational as a day and night fighter station. in spring 1949 the station was decommissioned and officially opened as Swansea airport on the 1st of June 1957.
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    Final entry from me - BAW207 KMIA-EGLL, leaving the coast of Florida and the rays of sunshine behind! Next stop, London Heathrow, landing in heavy snow as 'the beast from the east' hammers the south.
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    TUI B737-800 gear retract and right turn for terrain avoidance departing Arrecife
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    On the climb-out toward EDI as SHT18Y (Shuttle, BA domestic) routing Aberdeen - Heathrow
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    Nothing fancy. Just out practicing patterns around the Concord, Livermore, and Rio Vista airports in A2A's C-182...a terrific GA multitool for light hauling, local Pax service, and sight seeing or touring. Livermore: Rio Vista:
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