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    Completed the rally in one piece ! Thank you for a week of planning, sorting scenery and navaids, checking weather and fuel, responding to terrain alerts, going around and ...flying. My first rally, although many years in the hobby, provided a nice framework and the always important flying with a purpose. I fully appreciate all the hard work that went into MEBAR2018, the things we saw and the things that happened behind the scenes ! The GS idea was great and kept everyone constantly occupied in the cockpit I believe. Will try to post some screenshots later, a sort of a digital souvenir from my norwegian adventure ! Great work and see you next year ! (or earlier ) Thanos Anogiatis
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    01. Ready for Takeoff, Leg 4. 02. Incessant Rain. 03. WP1....Honest! 04. WP1- RW. 05. WP2- RW. 06. WP3 - Fortun Hydro-Electric. 07. WP3 - RW. 08. Overflying ENLB - Bjorli, EN-Route to WP4. 09. WP4 - RW. 10. Flying past Rindal and WP5. 11. And the rain returns just when I'm thinking about approach and landing. 12. Descending for ENFA circuit. 13. Turning downwind leg for ENFA. 14. Battered and Bruised but almost there. 15. Leg 4 done. I need a Dram or three. Cheers Guys. This was my second time at flying Leg 4 because P3D decided to crash as I was on approach for ENFA. Today it went better but not time-wise I fear.
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    I managed to blow an engine on my Turbine Duke last Sunday, as the Mutley crew will remember, anyhow she was readied for my MEBAR flight just in time. Got a bit fed up with the rain and visibility, just after takeoff, I thought it would be like this all the way By Trondheim it had cleared up a little and I can see what a difference the OrbX Norway scenery makes! Approach was good: Our final destination, Rosvoll [ENRA] Nailed it! right on the numbers: Well I enjoyed every flight and preferred the new GS target as it called for far better planning, Andrew will make a good pilot of me yet! Cheers, Joe
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    Hi everybody, A big thank you to Andrew, Joe and crew for hosting this excellent event. This was my second rally and, like last year, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot along the way. Also, thanks to all of you who participated and shared your stories. So cool to see what other folks are going through doing the same flights. Here are a few shots over the course of the rally. Completing the test flight (the best weather we'd see for the entire event ): Setting off on the first leg: It was eerie seeing these mountains fade into view through the haze. This kind of set my expectations of what was to come. I should have turned here, but flew on another 13.4 miles before realizing my mistake! That extra 27 miles artificially pushed me into a better time for the leg as I was referencing indicated air speed... One of the many Fjords... Hey! I recognize that place! Plenty of room to spare. Lots of this on leg 4. The Milviz 310R was up to the task. I do wish that the Navstax radios had been released though. Took me a long time to find this one. Visibility was much better on the last day. Right on track! These wind turbines were very cool! Almost there! I guess I was a little too busy to take shots of the approach, but I made it without incident. Awesome fun. Thank you all!
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    Haven't really used this much, in fact I have been so busy testing stuff that it was nice just to climb on board and haul some cargo......gave the usual pilot of the C46 the day off, had a trip with a large cargo to Valley I thinks it's EGOV?, Geat flight, noisey aircraft, poor visablity at Valley, AS16 said cloud until about 200ft so no shots of the landing.....aside from my issue with ground handling, namely corners I really like this C46.......I did manage to break the flaps though, accelerating through the climb and forgot to retract them, oops....the bill was more than the job was worth....but it was fun.... 5000ft cruising.... parked up & shut down, you can see the fog / low cloud in the ditance trying to hide the building...
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    Always a fun challenge flying up there....and down again. Thanks for the look.
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    01. Final Leg, Yahoo! 02. When the cloud breaks, it's really quite pretty. 03. Approaching Trondheim. 04. Bratsberg Hydro Station. WP1 - RW. 05. WP2 - Nea Hydro. 06. Nea HydroElectric Entrance - RW. 07. WP3. Turning onto Heading 246 degrees for Namsos-ENNM. 08. WP3 - Tunnsjødal Hydroelectric Power Station - RW. 09. WP4 - ENNM-Namsos. Sounds Greek to me. 10. Approaching WP5 - ENRM-Ryum. 11. Almost Down. Approaching 12. Cold and Dark, for another year. 13. Final Leg time. 14. I couldn't resist a little graffiti. Many thanks to Andrew and Joe for this years excellent event. I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    Good looking handy work on the wall there Brian, a shame they have slapped an injunction on further MEBAR's landing there. Nice to you finish in fine form and post another suberb PIREP to boot.
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    Good one Tim. As we have done lighthouses in the past on MEBAR, Andrew gave the strapline of 'Feel the Power' to this years event.
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    Just right click the .EXE and select "Run as Administrator"...it's near the top of the right click menu list.
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    No. This is original model by Microsoft compiled and updated for FSX by David Grindele. Cr1 Ford Tri Motor version is compatible with P3DV4 .
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    A Quartet performance brought to my attention by a friend. Some might argue that it is both easy to listen to and look at...discuss:
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    I flew a Level that was guaranteed for terrain avoidance (or noise abatement - does an aeroplane make a noise when it crashes in a cloud?). But sadly that meant I didn't see the ground from initial climb out until final approach. At all. On the plus side, I'm racking up the IMC hours, but I needn't have bothered buying the scenery, lol.
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    I asked my wife to describe me in 5 words:- She said I'm mature, I'm moral, I'm pure, I'm polite and I'm perfect. Then she added that I also had a fundamental lack of understanding about apostrophes and spaces.
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    Purloined from a FB friend. I have no shame. A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner. The man took out his wallet, extracted a fifty and asked, "If I give you this money, will you buy some beer with it instead of dinner?" "No, I had to stop drinking years ago," the homeless man replied. "Will you spend this on model airplanes instead of food?" the man asked. "Are you NUTS!" replied the homeless man. "I haven't built models in over 20 years!" "Well," said the man, "I'm not going to give you money. Instead, I'm going to take you home for a shower and a terrific dinner cooked by my wife." The homeless man was astounded. "Won't your wife be furious with you for doing that? The man replied, "That's okay. It’s important for her to see what happens to a man after giving up drinking and flying!”
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    An old schoolfriend converted from Hunter F6s to Lightnings. He described takeoff as, "Like sticking a very large rocket up your backside and lighting the blue touchpaper."
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    Ha ha! Me too. I flew the first three legs at indicated. In a fluke, my first flight came in very close to the expected time only because I over flew one of the waypoints by 26 miles. At which point, I fire-walled the throttle for the remainder of the flight. I flew leg 4 last night referencing ground speed, but I think my execution was bit off, so we'll see. Doesn't matter though -- it's really about planning, executing, and arriving at the destination.
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    Great post John. I refrained from reading until I had completed the flight. For the vast majority of the flight I couldn't see a thing in front of me. I was able to get an ominous glimpse of the snow capped mountain peaks passing silently below from time to time. Very unsettling. I've been doing my planning in google earth and after building my route, I ran an elevation profile on the route itself and offset left and right. I think it was on the final segment that I looked down through the mist and saw windmills turning. It was an eerie and lonely feeling. Took me a very long time to find ENFA... For that I had used Foreflight to get the location at 43 miles on the 034 radial ( I don't have my notes with me, but I think that was it). Turned out that the airport was further east. Lots of low, slow circling in the fog over a lot of lake pocked stone.
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    I had the EXACT same experience. Complete with an attempt to land on the "ground" above the runway and sinking through -- only in my attempt, I actually flared and was just above the stall before "touchdown" and crashed on touchdown to the runway. It's a real bummer to end a flight like that, especially after all the planning and careful execution. Immediately ran the elevation correction and all was well. I should have known better -- been running ORBX scenery for years. Otherwise, nice video Marc!
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    Like Toby sed, You gotta love A2A aircraft. If you don,t handle her well they will let you down When extending the flaps 1 position the right wing did go up forcing me to make a left turn. So had to make a flaps up landing but made it just in time to make it to a full stop.
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    I second Tim_A's recommendation. Seeya ATB
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    Holy Underground Airport, Batman! (If you've got Orbx Vectors, you probably need to run AEC -- Airport Elevation Corrections -- from the configuration tool)
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