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    OK, so you're reading it...... Perhaps I shouldn't have left the flight planning to the co-pilot, but checking back, his plan seems to have matched the official route. Pity he didn't check the Norwegian charts! There we were, trundling along at 7000', when a cliff-face appeared 3 miles ahead of us. Not sure that it was below our level, I decided to climb, and cleared it, just as a bigger one appeared behind it. At about 8500' we cleared this one by about 400', and carried on up to 9000' to make sure. A look at the chart confirmed that we were flying over the Jotunheims and THAT had been the summit ridge of Galdhøpiggen, at 8100' Norway's highest mountain... No, there aren't any screenshots - I was too busy juggling throttles, pitch levers, and the trim wheel, and my co-pilot was jibbering and apparantly trying to use the E6B as a prayer-wheel.
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    00. Leg 2 is Under Way. 01. Heading for WP2 02. WP 3 Turning onto Heading 225. 03. Turning at Tonstad for the Power Station and WP4. 04. WP 5 Lysebotn Hydro Plant is down there somewhere. 05. Lovely Weather. 06. Leg 2 Complete. 07. Route Map for Leg 2 MEBAR 2018.
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    An AT&T tech gets drafted into the Army. At boot camp, he goes to the rifle range with the rest of his platoon and starts out shooting at 200 yards. After each shot, the recruits working in the target pits signal a miss. BANG - Miss, BANG - Miss, BANG - Miss. He shoots the rest of the magazine - BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG - and the target still comes out of the pit without a mark. So the former AT&T tech reloads, puts his finger over the muzzle, and BANG! blows his fingertip right off. Puzzled, he turns downrange and shouts, "The rifle's fine! The problem must be at your end!"
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    I was once asked by a lady visiting if I had a gun in the house. I said I did. She said 'Well I certainly hope it isn't loaded!' To which I said, of course it is loaded, can't work without bullets!' She then asked, 'Are you that afraid of someone evil coming into your house?' My reply was, 'No not at all. I am not afraid of the house catching fire either, but I have fire extinguishers around, and they are all loaded too.'
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    A guy cruises thru a stop sign and gets pulled over by a local policeman. Guy hands the cop his driver’s license, insurance verification, plus his concealed carry permit. “Okay, Mr. Smith,” the cop says. “I see your CCW permit. Are you carrying today?” “Yes, I am.” “Well then, better tell me what you got.” Smith says, “Well, I got a .357 revolver in my inside coat pocket. There’s a 9mm semi-auto in the glove box. And, I’ve got a .22 magnum derringer in my right boot.” “Okay,” the cop says. “Anything else?” “Yeah, back in the trunk, there’s an AR15 and a shotgun. That’s about it.” “Mr. Smith, are you on your way to or from a gun range...?” “Nope.” “Well then, what are you afraid of...?” “Not a damn thing...”
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    Today marks the birth of the worlds oldest permanent Air Force, The RAF was formed 100 years ago today. There are many tributes flying around the web at the moment and the RAF itself is planning a 100 aircraft flypast over London in July. In the meantime other RAF displays will be taking place in other parts of the country during the summer. Here are a few bits I've cobbled together myself. This photo I took at Farnborough in 2008,
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    Great tribute Alan, Happy Birthday RAF and thanks to all that gave their service to such a fine organization.
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    = = = = = = = = = = Palestinian Authority.zip = = = = = = = = = = = Click to download Palestinian Authority.zip - Link to OneDrive folder for Asia Palestinian Authority.zip Created 4/1/18 This zip file may be updated periodically to include any new airport diagrams in this country as more are produced. 1 Airport, 1 file This zip contains airport diagrams for... - LVGZ Gaza Intl - Gaza, Palestinian Authority
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    This is a good example why the MEBAR is well above any of the other Rallies. The routes are not spoonfed, in the MEBAR one is forced to go to the basics of proper flight planning and to use proper maps and methods. Alan Lakein once said:
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    Thanks for your service guys, our veterans are never given recognition they deserve.
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    I can't see any dead parrots either
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    A gem of a touring bird. Great shots Dolf!
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    Nicely done Brian. Now just wait until you see what the weather has in store for you in the latter legs matey!!! I hope your eyesight is top notch, I mean really really top notch!
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    My Cousin Pauline emigrated to Canada immediately after WW2 to marry her Canadian soldier fiancé. They had a very happy life together in Ottawa and later in Penticton, British Columbia. Its just occurred to me that its such a bind trying to follow female family lines because once married the original names get lost. You never know. You could find yourself marrying a member of your own family! Just noticed you're a Navy fella. I was Army and served in Malaya during the insurrection in the early 50's. John
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    Andrew, Thanks for the long and precise response to my query. It was more than I expected. I have no complaint and my 'scores' should improve with each leg. I am not competing for sheep stations. I enjoy MEBAR as a planning and execution challenge and that is all. I searched high and low for a suitable aircraft, flying half a dozen test flights with different planes. I luckily happened on the P3Dv4.2 original freeware CL215 and the rest from there is now history. Thanks for the opportunity to reclassify, but I am happy with what has been achieved. Thanks for this years event, and all the best for the future. Cheers Bob
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    Indeed...100% agree. I just had to rebut because "Texas not in debt" sounded so very wrong..although I was certainly relying on stereotypes in my rebuttal of the joke as well...Touche!
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    I didn't write it, I just posted it because, a) I thought it was funny, and b) it rings fairly true for the basic philosophies of the two states. Yeah, it's a bit hyperbolic, but manages to present a pair of plausible stereotypes, correct or otherwise. John
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    Terrific post and retrospective of a few of the RAF birds in your hangar.
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    THE COYOTE PRINCIPLE California The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks the Governor's dog, then bites the Governor. The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie "Bambi" and then realizes he should stop because the coyote is only doing what is natural. He calls animal control. Animal Control captures the coyote and bills the state $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it. He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills the State $200 testing it for diseases. The Governor goes to the hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged. The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while Fish & Game conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is now free of dangerous animals. The Governor spends $50,000 in state funds implementing a "coyote awareness program" for residents of the area. The State Legislature spends $2 million to study how to better treat rabies and how to permanently eradicate the disease throughout the world. The Governor's security agent is fired for not stopping the attack. The state spends $150,000 to hire and train a new agent with additional special training on the nature of coyotes. PETA protests the coyote's relocation and files a $5 million suit against the state. Texas The Governor of Texas is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks his dog. The Governor shoots the coyote with his state-issued pistol and keeps jogging The Governor has spent $0.50 on a .45 ACP hollow point cartridge. The buzzards eat the dead coyote. And that, my friends, is why California is broke and Texas is not.
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    A penguin was driving his car in the desert. All of sudden his car broke down. Luckily, he was pretty close to a gas station just down the road. So he waddled behind his car and pushed it to the gas station. He asked the mechanic to take a look and find the problem and the mechanic told him he'd take a look at it, and to come back in 30 minutes. The penguin was getting hot being an antarctic flightless bird in the desert and all, and decided to go find something to cool him off. He went into the convenience store and bought several vanilla ice creams. He ate the all ice cream and made a big mess all over his face by the time the 30 minutes were up. He went back to the mechanic to find out the problem. The mechanic informed him," Looks like you blew a seal." To which the penguin replied, "No, no. It's just a little ice cream."
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    Well, many thanks to both of you guys then, you've given me something to really look forward to every Eastertime, and not just me alone judging by the ever-increasing number of virtual pilots that are taking part in this great annual event nowadays, and long may that trend continue.
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    Somewhere there is Slartibartfast's signature . . .
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    There goes my beloved Cessna, nice shooting and vid Jim!
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