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    Today I decided to fly the very first leg of this year's Air Rally in Norway because spare time is going to be a bit tight for me this coming Easter. Here are a couple of Screenshots I took along the way. Looking forward to Leg 2 now.
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    "Bad Gas"... . The Highly Respected Mutley Fuel Card arriving in the hands of disreputable ATWC pilots is always a welcome sight and great motivator!. Great wrap up, and good recovery on the THRUSH asset repairs, i'm sure maintenance staff and officers will appreciate how you handled the 'warranty work'.
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    See what happens when you don't make your deliveries. You certainly have been busy, all great shots and enjoyable PIREP's Mike, nicely done. Who's aircraft is that, I thought the twin Diamond had analog gauges above the TV screens. I must be thinking about the wrong model but either way it's a beauty.
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    Great work there Mike, three aircraft and beautiful looking shots make for one nice PIREP well done.
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    yeah it seems quite good, very early though... with no reshade... with reshade... 2nd one is such fun to fly, vfr low following M5 to Exeter.........smile all the way,,,,
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    Prepar3D came with a free copy of the Milviz P-38L, and I noticed that the stars and bars was missing from one of the booms. Just before I wanted to start laughing I realised that it was one of my own paints...oops! I did not even know one of my paints comes standard with P3D, but I feel mighty proud about that, apart from that missing roundel of course, so I made an update: now with roundel! Go here to download if you want your default P-38 to be complete.
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