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    Sorry for offtop. Falcon BMS
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    Using John Allard's airport diagrams should help, they are drawn up using the default data from the sim, so the stands and parking positions should be numbered the same as what you see. Have a look here - http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/23067-airport-diagram-download-center/ this is free service for our members very generously offered by John. Thanks for the mention Ros!
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    The default airports are not up to date with the ICAO charts, so you will likely find some parkings scattered around the apron with no relation with real ICAO charts. You may look for an updated afcad at the usual sites (avsim, flightsim.com, ...) and have the exact location of the stands. I've learned how to edit an airport layout using simple tools such as Airport Design Editor and try to stay up to date, at least with the airports I use most. Or you may download the excellent charts by @allardjd from Mutley's archive here which are based on default FSX airports.
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    Aerial fires are always "entertaining!"
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    I'll try to be there Jim!
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    I use a Triple Head to Go for my 3 screens... but I've got a less meaty graphics card. Welcome to the 3-screen gang.. you won't be disappointed!!
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    It makes no difference which simulator you are using, If your card has the appropriate connections, you are good to go. I have been using 3 monitors for years, FS9, FSX, and now P3D. you should have at least 2 DVI connections, and a few DP's on your card, so provided you have the correct cables, it's just a case of plugging them in and them setting them up in the Control Panel , Display section , as to how you want them to show on your monitors. Cheers