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    It was a brilliant solution to the gassy copilot problem.
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    *stands up* Hello, My name's Lucy and I am a sim addict. I've been a flight simmer since FS98 and most of my retirement is split between the greenhouse and flying P3D. My main alternative is ETS2 and enjoy that now and again but have to be in the mood, unlike flight simming with which I am always in the mood. My Stepson has a train simulator and seems to enjoy it but I just can't see where the enthusiasm is, I have tried it out but found it rather boring. But each to their own. I recently got Sailaway -The Sailing Simulator and was encouraged by the fact a few Mutley members have it and seemed to think it's rather good. Being sat in the middle of the ocean does seem a heck of lot more exciting than driving a train but Sailaway is going to take some dedication for me, a non-sailor, to get the hang of and I just haven't devoted the time yet.. Of all this lot I prefer ETS2 but being a person who likes things as realtime as possible in my sims, I wish the day/night would closer replicate real time. Other games have all pretty much fallen away over the years and the PC is pretty much just a sim-machine now.
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    I have been tempted by Train Simulator from time to time (I am of that age when I can remember steam trains), but have not pursued it. I have found that there is a LOT to learn on FSX and even more that you can do with it to keep you more than busy. I have a lot of planes in my hanger and it takes a lot of time to learn how to fly each properly. I also have a lot of books waiting to read and sometimes I tie in a book with a plane on FSX. I have been reading a bookazine on the Spitfire and finished it yesterday, so recently I dug out one of my FSX Spitfires and have been having a blast with that...... Hang on....there's the scramble bell indicating an air raid.....must dash to save the country..... Martin
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    Happy Birthday Bumblebee.
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    I always wondered what would happen if the pilots had a massive disagreement about which way to go and tried to go in opposite directions!
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    Only one Bf 109Z was built, and it was never flown, having been damaged in its hangar during an Allied bombing raid in 1943. The project was permanently abandoned in 1944. The North American F-82 Twin Mustang was built - 272, operational life 1946 - 1953.
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    I tried the train sim thing, too. No offence to those who are into it but...........i'd rather watch the grass grow (that from a sailor).
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    Same Brett...I only have FSX Accel/Lots of ORBx/Addons to flesh it out. I am in it for the variety it offers, relaxing ocean crossing while watching a couple episodes of this or that on Netflix (and earn 3million in Airhauler)...or pushing some poor addon beyond human limits carving crazy canyons for a YouTube video. But I do like a Goal in a game/sim. I tried TrainSim as well, YAWNnnnn. I tried a Modern version of Moon Lander with 3d environment and simulated systems, but their was no game in it, just "Land here in x-time" kind of stuff which lost my interest immediately. I really should be trying the Battle Flight Sims that are out now, especially the WWII and WWI stuff that I miss so much from old Janes' and MS-Combat days...however, I'm 54, so long out of Combat mode and mentality, these days I'd get my arse handed to me in a muliti-player combat environment. But G'dam those look amazing. :O
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    That skid mark so far down jibes with their recount of the incident...there would have been a certain amount of "Oh Shit" occuring in the cockpit if they were still at speed that far down the runway...im betting a hasty/panic'd mis-grab at the throttles caused that right side engine to accelerate, adding to the OS-factor...but... I'm hoping for their sake some fault is found in the equipment rather than procedures. Crossing fingers for them.
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    Yes but we are talking about a "shithole country" here John (well almost).
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    How did I miss this? Belated birthday greetings and best wishes for a great year. John