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    Just signed in.......... Sucking on a Black Bush as we talk. Many thanks to all my friends and acquaintances on the best Sim Forum on the planet. (I am trying to forget that these things come up once a year - way too many under my belt, now) Cheers, March
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    Milton Shupe seems to have hit another homerun.. the B-26 Marauder
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    I'm calling bulldinkies on this whole thing.
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    Got it! Did you ever see this on the back side of one of the taxiway signs? You thought all those Little Johnny mischief jokes were just fiction, didn't you? John
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    The Default XP11 737 800 seen here with split scimitar winglets flying over a cloudy Frankfurt this evening. b738_97 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
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    As if information coming out of Russia might not be reliable... And..considering potential Boris and Natasha's might be involved, I'd call it BullWinkles, not dinkies.
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    Looks like those bomb jackets or at least the fin asseblies are 3d printed. There are 3d files available online for pretty sophistcated RC airplanes you can print at home...they could have attacked the base with 3d printed p-38 fighters if they wished too. Technology is a double edged sword for sure...militaries have been spending billions of bucks ramping up their UAV programs...and that tech is being used aganst them for pennies now. edit: just realized why the attack had such shitty luck... As evening fell, the Russia air defence forces detected 13 unidentified small-size air targets
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    I shall never look at calamari in the same way again! Know thy enemy has been replaced by eat thy enemy!
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    Well what can I say? Confused am I? I think that with over 9800 words you could have told the whole story of the challenge Coff! An epic account well done! Off to part b... Oh no. I've done that one!
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    I think a recent update of the 208 cargomaster fixed the station loads...you may be able to download the latest version if not done already and it shouldn't be a problem in the new AH2. Cheers.
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    Well, we have Army ad's saying it's OK for soldiers to cry and ask the drill sergeant for a cuddle, so we are well on the way to everything that Neil's just stated....oh a joke? Damn, I thought he was making predictions!
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    Coffee might just have a bit in the 111 safe if I know my bud. Btw...Coffee is awake, debriefed, and sitting on the beach processing the last few days. He will probably post his PIREP tonight. Maybe I'll see you chaps another time. P.M.
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    Wow!!! Good Christ, how am I supposed to follow a PIREP like that? I feel so....small.
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