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    I’m so glad I could solve your JF DHC-1 Chipmunk fuel problem for you. No, really, don’t mention it, the pleasure was all mine. I enjoy nothing more than to spend my time solving other people’s problems for them, sitting up into the early hours responding, rather than going to bed and worrying about it in the morning, just so an immediate fix was provided for you. But to not even receive a simple acknowledgement or thanks. Good luck with your next problem, but don’t expect the same level of assistance to be forthcoming. In future you might find more than just a simple fuel problem driving you nuts!!!
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    Build yourself a TRIM WHEEL using an old PC mouse in conjunction with Peter Dowson's software FSUIPC. A small hole has to be made on the side of the plastic casing of the mouse. The trim wheel was made from the base of a CD stack holder with a screw glued to the central axis point. This screw goes through the hole you made in the side of the mouse and into the axle of the mouse drive so that when you turn the trim wheel it turns the mouse top wheel too. The cover was made from black corrugated plastic to hide the mouse and cable. You plug the mouse into a spare USB and using the FSUIPC software select the "Miscellaneous" window and "tick" the "mouse wheel" trim box shown in the picture.
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    I think she is planning to be at Cactus Jack's Trail Rides just the other side for I-75 that day!
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    Watching out for you Jim, but nothing "On Air"..................................
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    Many thanks, Alan.
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    But can it lay an egg? I've seen photos of that one before but don't know what it is or where it's based. Such poor taste in flying objects is more commonly seen in the hot air balloon genre, though there are exceptions like this one. John
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    ...or blow his brains out. Part of handling firearms, whether "professionally" or as an amateur is treating them with respect, always. One of the fundamental rules is to treat every gun as if it's loaded, always, even when you know it's not. Mutley can attest to the safety procedures that are in play at the range where I shoot. I assume from the bit of headline visible this is in South Africa. John
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    Hi Andrew. I have just picked up your message. Thanks for your help I will try out your suggestion just as soon as I can, work is busy and I cant always react quickly to helpful posts like yours.
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    Maybe he was trying to clear his constipation!
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    Come join and have a gander hehe. It would be good to chat to you guys during stream. Joe has joined before too that was nice. Cheers Alan
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    That paint is crazy - nice shots Alan
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    thanks Joe, seems I was having a bit of an issue with the cable from the powered hub to the PC, it was a hard wired hub so if the wire is intermittently failing it is useless, bought a new one, reinstalled and all seems ok now, I may get it in the future but for now will stay as I am.....
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    For the Hawker Hunter by Dave Garwood, available on Classic British Flight Sim
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    Oh the Ommm song (Only Red Dwarfers will know what I mean)
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    Obviously, my answer was nothing to crow about.
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    Great. Thanks, Alan!
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    This is a friend of Capt. Coffee's. We met via some previous ATWC PIREPs and it appears I have been drafted into this one to help my little buddy out of a jam, a serious jam. I received a sat phone message shortly after zulu 20:00 yesterday. It was a brief and panicked plea for help and rescue, he got in waaaay over his head this leg and found himself in the clutches of, serious trouble. Sorry, I can't go into details of a current operation, ironically, as unbeknownst to him, that's actually what got him into the mess he is in now. He forwarded his login codes here so I could pass the bad news along and beg for your patience, and prayers. Remaining as positive as possible in lieu of any current evidence he is still alive, I can only say that parties with special skills are being mobilized exploit this opportunity to recover Matt, his airplanes (well, one of them, maybe), and the baton of course...and perhaps deal a blow to a slippery problem that has been kept too long out of sight and mind. I'm personally involved and on my way to a stashed aircraft, and other resources in the area, to effect the rescue attempt...asap. Regards, Pat Moran.
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    The JF DHC-1B Chipmunk is meant to supply fuel from both tanks and does not have a fuel tank selector. The only fuel control is the fuel cock, to the left of the control column, which only switches the fuel supply off and on. Such problems as you describe, are normally a simple issue with the [fuel] section of the aircraft config file (the [fuel] section is towards the bottom of the file, just before the [EFFECTS] and [airplane_geometry] sections. In this case, in order to correct the problem, make the following edit: number_of_selectors=2 (on install, it is set to 1). IMPORTANT NOTE. Exit P3D before making this edit. Only because if you make the edit whilst P3D is running it takes a while for the sim to recognise the change. The JF DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk (bubble canopy expansion pack) has a fuel selector lever in place of the fuel cock to switch between the two tanks and switch the fuel supply off. Consequently, the above edit does not need to be made to the aircraft config file for this aircraft.
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    Hi Wayne, My Saitek Yoke, pedals and TQ don't need any kind of 3rd party software to set up and run, they just work using the standard Windows drivers. If yours are running too then then leave as is would be my advice. Buying the full version of FSUIPC is only really necessary if you need to apply custom calibration and button assignment and a few other tweaks which I am not sure that P3Dv4 needs? However, I do have the full version as I like to support developers for the hard work they do, I also use Wide Client to use FSUIPC on a remote PC for programs like Plan-G etc. If you do buy FSUIPC then just download and install the latest version, it will overwrite any present installation as it is the same program but you enter a key code if you have purchased from Simmarket.
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    Considering you had been back on the site multiple times in the 24 hrs since the solution was posted, including reading this thread, and raising yet another detailed problem in another thread (don’t you just hate Forum tracking), I guess work must get real busy for you on Sunday’s too. The posted solution is not a “suggestion”, as you put it, it is a permanent fix, otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted my time. I know this because I spent a good part of that time into the small hours testing it before posting the solution.
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