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    This is a FREE service open to all aviators by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in becoming a better pilot through education. Here is the web link.... https://www.faasafety.gov This is what the home page looks like, you have to register first, the area marked in RED on the top right hand side. On line courses with examination and certificates on completion can be selected from the area marked in RED on the top left hand side. FAA Wings Master Pilot since 2016.
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    This is a screen shot of a page in my review of Radar Contact and is from a long time ago. I can't find the original photo. I was flying the Captain Sim C-130, which has air-air radar. It's a dark image but if you look at the right side, you can see the crossing traffic, with the C-130's radar display in the same shot.
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    A2A doesn't work in P3D, so it is back to Warbirdsim (which looks better too!)
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    I know the answer! For this leg Joe had the real baton, given the shenanigans with trackers, nuclear keys and fake but ultra realistic batons I am not supprised he was confused. Afterall the batons weight has changed a couple of times with the various objects hidden inside it and that is before a substitute was needed. The batton was stolen from my hotel room at Nasori international and Joe flew Leg 21 with the fake batton. The real baton was returned to me on the QE Aircraft Carrier and handed on to Joe at the end of leg 22. The real one flew leg 23. Clearly Joe didnt notice the switch to the fake baton before he did Leg 21 but saw something different at the start of Leg 23. I guess he was suspisious about a baton change but didnt realise it was the switch back to the real baton he was noticing. Matt, you will have the real baton, unless Joe has lost it. PS. @brett & @Tim_AIts under the middle cup.
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    My dad's tales come to my mind. Thanks for sharing, Al.
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    No, sorry to be unclear. I had a display connected via HDMI to HDMI and the quality was poor. With the same display and graphics card, switching to VGA (display end) to DP (graphics card end) it improved tremendously. I blamed the HDMI output, possibly incorrectly. I originally connected that way because I didn't have the necessary cables/adaptors to do it differently Had to buy an adaptor to go from VGA to DP. Like Brian, I didn't know there was more than one kind of HDMI. I also advised in my first post to this thread that my advice should be taken with a grain of salt if a real expert happened to come along. John
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    The JF DHC-1B Chipmunk is meant to supply fuel from both tanks and does not have a fuel tank selector. The only fuel control is the fuel cock, to the left of the control column, which only switches the fuel supply off and on. Such problems as you describe, are normally a simple issue with the [fuel] section of the aircraft config file (the [fuel] section is towards the bottom of the file, just before the [EFFECTS] and [airplane_geometry] sections. In this case, in order to correct the problem, make the following edit: number_of_selectors=2 (on install, it is set to 1). IMPORTANT NOTE. Exit P3D before making this edit. Only because if you make the edit whilst P3D is running it takes a while for the sim to recognise the change. The JF DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk (bubble canopy expansion pack) has a fuel selector lever in place of the fuel cock to switch between the two tanks and switch the fuel supply off. Consequently, the above edit does not need to be made to the aircraft config file for this aircraft.
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    Talking of strange encounters. When I was on my second trip to sea, I was serving on the MV British Unity, a 27,000 ton tanker belonging to BP. WE had departed San Francisco and were en route to Singapore via Hawaii and Guam. We were several days out from Hawaii and I was on bridge lookout duty one evening when I began tracking a ship on the radar that was coming south. (presumably from Japan). I alerted the the Bridge officer and was asked to keep an eye on the contact. This was done by plotting her course on the radar screen with a chinagraph pencil. I did this for about an an hour and then advised the officer that we need to alter course! Now bearing in mind we were both hundreds of miles from the nearest landfall, we found ourselves on a slow motion collision course in the middle of the Pacific! We worked out that unless we both altered course by a few degrees we would collide in about an hours time! The corse alteration was duly made and she passed ahead of us by about half a mile, she turned out to be a big container ship and we exchanged greeting as we passed and both Bridge officers had a laugh at the irony of the situation. It just went to show why a good lookout was essential in the most unlikely of situations! The Unity was one of our older tankers but was a happy ship and despite her problems that was one of my favourite of all the trips I did.
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    Cheers Tim. I must admit, I had no idea there was more than 1 type of HDMI cable. Type 2 ordered. Thanks.
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    A quick word from the Minister of Transport..."Bollards" !!
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    If the jumper was... Coast Guard: Aw, crap! I've never been this far offshore before. Army: I hate water! Navy: Must inflate life raft smartly! Air Force: (screaming into all three of his backup hand-held radios) "Need an air strike and RESCAP here, pronto." USMC: Hmmm - looks like an opportunity here to improvise and overcome and open a leather goods shop after my enlistment is up. SEALS/SBS/SAS: I thought they said this exercise was going to be difficult. CIA: Must blend in and appear to be one of them. Republican: Should have moved faster on draining the swamp. Democrat: I can help get you guys registered to vote and signed up to receive government benefits.
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    "Speed is good, wind is good, the crowd is cheering.....wait-wait-wait..."
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    Flight One Software is proud to announce the release of G500/600 Complete Edition for Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v3, v4, and Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Steam Editions. Following the successful and highly acclaimed Flight1 GTN series gauges, Flight1 has faithfully replicated the G500/G600 to pixel by pixel accuracy of its real-world counterpart. And for the first time in the history of Flight Simulator and Prepar3D virtual pilots can experience first-hand Synthetic Vision Technology. No matter if you fly around New York on a sunny day or land in Innsbruck under IFR conditions, with Synthetic Vision you always get a clear picture of mountains and other obstacles. The G500/G600 is the perfect companion for your Flight1 GTN 650 and GTN 750. The real-world G500/G600 replaces the old steam gauges that can be found in many general aviation aircrafts with a state of the art glass cockpit. It can be retrofitted in a wide array of aircrafts, from single engine piston up to twin turbine aircraft. As all primary flight and navigation information are clearly displayed on two LCD displays, it greatly enhances situational awareness, safety and pilot workload reduction. It is also very customizable and features revolutionary <b>Synthetic Vision Technology</b>. Synthetic Vision recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G500/G600 system's terrain database. Thereby, offering pilots a supplemental 3D depiction of ground and water, airports, obstacles and traffic. The Flight1 G500/600 offers smooth framerate performance with its high-resolution PFD/MFD backlit display simulation. The product also includes SafeTaxi and FliteCharts support, which gives you detailed airport information and terminal procedure charts (US Only). High resolution terrain maps with TAWS-B audible alerts and Full WAAS approach support is also included. The G500/600 Series Gauge Configuration Utility allows users to install and configure the G500/600 unit in their selected aircraft using our easy-to-use gauge configuration utility software. Both gauges are highly customizable, with many features that can be turned on or off or adjusted to suit the user's preference. The avionics suite features a growing list of native support, including Alabeo aircraft, and from additional third-party aircraft creators and The G500/600 can integrate, as a pop-up, with all add-on aircraft in your Flight Simulator X / Prepar3D library, if the aircraft does not have VC integration. For more information, screenshots, a first look video, and to purchase this great avionics package, please visit our product page at: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1g500
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