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    Build yourself a TRIM WHEEL using an old PC mouse in conjunction with Peter Dowson's software FSUIPC. A small hole has to be made on the side of the plastic casing of the mouse. The trim wheel was made from the base of a CD stack holder with a screw glued to the central axis point. This screw goes through the hole you made in the side of the mouse and into the axle of the mouse drive so that when you turn the trim wheel it turns the mouse top wheel too. The cover was made from black corrugated plastic to hide the mouse and cable. You plug the mouse into a spare USB and using the FSUIPC software select the "Miscellaneous" window and "tick" the "mouse wheel" trim box shown in the picture.
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    If the jumper was... Coast Guard: Aw, crap! I've never been this far offshore before. Army: I hate water! Navy: Must inflate life raft smartly! Air Force: (screaming into all three of his backup hand-held radios) "Need an air strike and RESCAP here, pronto." USMC: Hmmm - looks like an opportunity here to improvise and overcome and open a leather goods shop after my enlistment is up. SEALS/SBS/SAS: I thought they said this exercise was going to be difficult. CIA: Must blend in and appear to be one of them. Republican: Should have moved faster on draining the swamp. Democrat: I can help get you guys registered to vote and signed up to receive government benefits.
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    To DBDB Candidate Brett's misfortune, there are actually two more legs of this course to go...which is what the alligators said as well very shortly.
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    Happy birthday Lucy! I hope that you are having a great day! Best wishes Martin
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    I'd consider plungers to be Animators considering how they help "movements" to start again.
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    If your eyesight is just about good enough, you'll see that on XP11, I was radar vectored for the ILS 27L approach at EGLL, but the radar controller and tower forgot to mention they'd done a runway change and I was flying straight into outbound traffic! Look for the landing lights at the threshold of 09R and another on a 4 mile final - after a 6 and a half hour flight from KEWR, I wasn't about to eat into my reserve fuel for AI traffic
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    "Speed is good, wind is good, the crowd is cheering.....wait-wait-wait..."
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    Congratulations and felicitations on the anniversary of your natal day! Hope you have a wonderful time.
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    There do appear to be several fake batons. This is turning into a game of 3 Cups - I do hope someone knows where the real baton is (and that that isn't Putinfeld)!
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    Auguri, have a great one!
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    Many happy returns, Lucy.
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    Happy Birthday Lucy, belated probably...hope you had a terrific day!
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    Good one! Now where did you get that repaint? Is it for the Just Flight Tornado? (I am somewhat a Tornado fan and have lots of photos of Tornadoes in special paint schemes at various airshows!) TIA Martin
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    And now for a weather update. In Torquay, Victoria, Australia it is hot. What am I saying!!! I should say the whole state of Victoria, and throw in South Australia, and Tasmania to boot. Anyway, at least locally, after an overnight low of 16C (at 2.00am), it was 21C by 7.00am, and had hit 38C at 11.00am. Not far before we hit the predicted max of 42C before a late afternoon cool change. More to follow.
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    Why not, put a tiger in your tank. Nice shots Alan.
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    Lucy. Hope you've had a good day.
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    Happy Birthday Lucy, may your wish come true.
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    This begs the question, 'from what side of the door is it locked? Mmmm! That's a real poser.
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    The “blowflies” (campers and tourists) have swarmed to the beaches here in Torquay. I am securely locked inside my house (bunker), finger hovering over the air conditioner control button in anticipation.
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    Lucy and many more to come.
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    Wow! That is an extreme repaint
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    Nice capture Alan. Great idea Ros, I'll pin up the post
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    21 again! Thanks for the heads up Martin I met Lucy at the Cosford FS show this year and she is a lovely lady!
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