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    They told us in boot camp that we were all number one.
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    This is FREE and works in FSX and P3D https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=logbook+&CatID=root&Sort=Added&ScanMode=0&Page=1
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    There are loads of FREE Pilot Log Books out there, https://myflightbook.com/logbook/default.aspx http://www.crewlogbook.com http://easypilotlogbook.com https://www.flylogio.com
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    Hey JG, the flight sim logs everything you need anyway, I have just purchased in the Simmarket sale a neat little program called Flight Simulator Logbook editor here is a link http://secure.simmarket.com/mouseviator-flight-simulator-logbook-editor-fsxfs2004p3d.phtml it's on sale at the moment until tomorrow night €8.64.
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    Many thanks Brett for your support during 2017 cheers Mike
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    @Brett. I apply a couple of simple equations to my flying:- Pilot + Plane = Flight but Pilot + Plane + Weapon = Flight + Parachute
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    600 pounds is quite a bit to shave off but with people firing at me I think I would want as much metal around me as possible. Probably not the reason why they used the "D" models in Korea and kept the "H" variant back in the US, maybe more available parts could have been the reason(?).
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    Reading an article about the P-51H, it seems that the guys at NA came over to Supermarines to see how they could make the Mustang lighter as at the time it was considerably heavier than the Spitfire. They went back after lots of investigation and shaved a heck of a lot of weight off the Mustang to get the H version, that coupled with a more powerful Rolls Royce Merlin sealed the deal. This article is well worth reading.; http://www.mustangsmustangs.net/p-51/variants/p51h
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