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    Merry Christmas from me and thanks to all our members who make this a great place to hang out!
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    My worry is that Plan-G is followed by Preparation H . . . Sorry to hear of your loss, Ros.
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    Happy birthday John. I hope you have the best of days. Careful with that cake John eat too much of it an it will give you indigestion for 10,000 years!
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    Merry Christmas to all of you. Here's hoping for another great flight simming year. John
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    Belated birthday greetings from me as well John x
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    Merry Festivity everybody!
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    A nice way to divert from the holidays...happy to see you found time for a Peace Flight. May you and your family have a peaceful Christmas Ros. I am definitely seeing your point about the benefit of simple planes on the old system, I've been having a grand time at 20-ish frame rates bashing around in a super simple c152...who knew? I assumed I'd be assigning it to AI pilots in airhualer, 25 hours later, i am still loving it myself and bashing it around the valley short fields...my xmas chore.
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    Ah! Key Lime Pie. One of my all time favorites. Used to get them from a little old lady in Marsh Harbour - many moons ago. All the best JA. Here's to lots of runway in front of you, lots of air under you and all the gas you can carry. March
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    Well, seven half-lifes and it's gone, for all practical purposes. In the desserts department, I'm more of an ice cream, pie and cookies guy. Cakes are way behind those but I did enjoy the theme of Coff's posting. My birthday cake this year is a Key Lime Pie. John
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    Have a Merry Christmas Ros and thanks for the shots of your flight.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's to all my friends here at Mutley's Hangar, your all the best. To all that don't consider me a friend........ I still wish for you a great holiday Season.
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    Ready....Aim....Happy Birthday John....Hope you had a Big Bang of a day.
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    Happy Birthday John....hope it's a good one!! Martin
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    Thanks, everyone. One more trip around the sun safely behind me. Life is good on this side of the sod. @Captain Coffee - Great Cake!!! The candles will burn for 18-months between refuelings. John
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    Happy Another One John! Hope your Birthday/Holiday intersection weekend goes well.
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