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    I don't have a tutorial but the pictures are self explanatory.......................... Build yourself a trim wheel using an old PC mouse in conjunction with Peter Dowson's software FSUIPC. The first picture shows the simple modification to a PC mouse cable tied to the leg of the flight sim table. The second picture shows the trim wheel cover made from black corrugated plastic and below my home made rudder pedals.
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    Nice choice Al. Look for some fine repaints by our talented fellow simmer Jan Kees.
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    Although the Power Pack and more liveries are soon to be released, I find it easy to customize with my own repaints and preferences. I think you should be good to go with no hassle anyway.
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    Just yer typical slushy day at Hay. Nice job Alan, and a Very good buy. She's a terrific addon, and I'm using it all over my Airhauler companies.
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    Good work Alan, nice shots!
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    any relation to Miss Ellie, Alan ? (The Dallas Ewings).
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    Dismissal, what Trump says when he has a go at NK and cannot say "This Missile! "🙄
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    Dismissal ...knowing that the boss knew before you Resignation is going out with your head held high
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