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    I added a couple aircraft to my holiday hangar: Carenado's Cessna 152II, a venerable student and entry level personal aircraft for decades...now available to my Airhauler trainees. And the second aircraft is Alabeo's Mooney M20R Ovation, pretty much on the oposite end of the Light GA Mass Market single aircraft range...from pokey to zoomy in one sale: First, a familiarization flight from Cloverdale, Ca. O60 to Boonville, Ca. D83 (D63?? I'll fix it later). I'll pick up the Mooney in Booneville and fly it back down to Cloverdale for it's Getting to Know You flight. Pretty little thing: Basic little thing Up and away. It was a delightful bit of time before Booneville hove slowly into view. Greased down easy peasy. After hopping into the new ride: Up and away with authority this time...zoom. I remembered to pull the gear up after the C152. Not nearly as basic of a cockpit, it has a very well appointed steam gauge cockpit with some bling and nav things. Love the top located engine gauges for easier monitoring of this frisky and husky motor. I kept going till well after dark...way to short of a flight and way too fun to stop at Cloverdale. I ended up in Napa KAPC. This is a very very nice upgrade compared to the previous M20J model. Thanks for looking. Coff.
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    Many thanks for all the replies - sounds like I'll start with FSX steam edition and just take it steady - bit like the real thing I guess - getting to know the basics and just building up from there. Fascinating site even before the flying starts - regards to all. Michael
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    @Brett. I.... I... I resemble that... I resnt...I rnsent... Oh bugger gis anova gin!
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    I always tell myself I will recreate a ferry flight like I have seen on the tv but have never got around to it.....
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    You might enjoy this post on my blog, Tailspin's Tales, about just such a Caribou. http://tailspinstales.blogspot.com/2009/02/thank-you.html EDIT by Mutley: Hmm, thanks Tom, usually we would remove this type of post as it is not a contest entry but it's Christmas!
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    FSX-SE has the C-172 as one of the default AC - not by Carenado, however. P3D v4.x does not have a 172 at all - don't remember about the earlier versions of P3D. I get along OK with the default 172 in FSX-SE. P3D does have a Carenado A36 (straight tail) Bonanza amongst the stock AC, however. Anything Carenado is generally pretty good but the Bonanza is a hotter, more complex AC than the Skyhawk and may be handful for a beginner. If going with P3D as a newbie, I'd recommend a payware C-152 or C-172 as a trainer. John
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    Preparing to start my journey into FS and wondered why such a big price difference between FSX and XPlane - do most load both or just stick to one ?
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    Looked like a fun day out in your new toys, thanks for the shots Matt. Sorry you ended up in the Napa Valley, not!
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    President .... not bored but still known to cause trouble
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    Chairman of the Board. ... of chaired bored men, no wonder they cause so much trouble.
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    Great job. Looks like you had fun.
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    Nice choice and great shots!
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    There's one you don't see every day, nice shots of the New York skyline. Thanks for the look Alan. I had a New York state of mind once, thankfully it didn't last long.
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    Thanks for the shots Alan, I admire your patience it's been a long time since I have tried a long flight like that.
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    ah the chinook, I love the sound of that......to an infantryman like myself it meant one of two things..... a lift out or help was arriving.............they fly over my house regular and the sound always makes me stop and look up.........
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    If you're talking about the Microsoft FSX, the higher price reflects scarcity because it's "out of print", i.e. not being manufactured, supported or sold by MS any more. You can still get it from Amazon, E-Bay and probably some other places but it won't be a bargain. Have a look at FSX Steam Edition (FSX-SE) by the Dovetail Group at Steam. DTG licensed MS FSX software and improved it and are marketing it though Steam and the price is considerably lower than what you can get the old MS FSX for - it goes on sale from time to time if you can catch one. Also, don't overlook Lockheed-Martin's Prepar3D (P3D). It's also based on licensed MS FSX software, very much improved and is now a fully 64-bit application. EDIT: Sorry - I should have started this out with Welcome to Mutley's Hangar. Always happy to see new people joining the hobby and the forum. EDIT EDIT: I didn't address your "multiple simulators" question. Most people I know have more than one, not so much because they use more than one, but simply because they progressed from A to B and still have both. There are exceptions to that. Some folks like to dabble in more than one. If you're a newbie and want to get your feet wet and see what you like, I'd suggest FSX-SE to start. It's relatively cheap, very capable, has tons of add-ons available and there is a wealth of knowledge in the community to help you through problems. L-M P3d is better, in my opinion, but more expensive and requires more computer resources to run well. X-Plane is coming along but you're kind of on a software island with that one, with a lot less available for add-ons, etc. It comes down to what you like. John
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    I saw one of these at Naples airport when we arrived a week ago. Perhaps I might get the opportunity to get some photos when we eat to fly home.
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