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    I'm on a mission to the snow country in Airhauler, Christmas tree hauling from the sierras back to Napa...seems like a good time to grab some Screenshot Competition pics. But I'm nearer to the coast and no snow in sight from 2O3-Angwin Parret: Departure 20 minutes before dawn. It's a challenge parking a Caribou at Angwin, but getting it in and out of this little strip is a cinch. The Sun pokes up quickly as I climb to greet it, and I enjoy the sight of the last of the night lights. I've arrived at the foothills, already dusted well with powder after some recent rain...errr..snow at these elevations. And a tempting canyon looms ahead...thankfully cargo damage isn't a factor, though AH2 keeps reminding me about my bank angle...A. I'm deadheading to pick up Christmas trees, and B. Cargo damage isn't even modeled yet in AH2...so fun ahead! And leaving the canyon into a very well powdered valley. My destination is just 8 miles away, 4000 feet up, and around a bend...basically, follow that road. Still following that road, but a bit closer... Performing/trying out a 1 point "Wheelbarrow" touch and go for the 4 or 5 folks not paying attention at this tiny strip...then the fun is over and back to Cargo work. Cheers, thanks for looking. Coff.
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    I have this one and I do agree with everything in this nice review. Don't miss this one, I find it excellent for fast flights and IFR practice.
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    @ Brett. I love it. so true. We have a cat and a dog. The cat (Blowfeld) is white and small, the dog (Rio) is black and big. Every morning at breakfast they act out the scene with the musical watch in "A few dollars more" The cat wins.
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    Regrettably Dehavilland never made a DHC-x Reindeer, a still appropriate (and very slightly edited for festiveness) DHC-4 Caribou will have to stand in.
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    Few aircraft can handle low level missions like a Buccaneer. They were designed for that very purpose. This one is on a winter training flight departing from, and returning to, RAF Kinloss. Hope you enjoy the flight! Thanks for viewing.
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    Looks really nice, that approach into Naples can be tricky!
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