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    I just looked and it seems that because my one drive account is through office 365 which we use for the business I get 1tb of storage... But we do as a company subscribe to office...
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    Prince Harry and Megan have announced that they don't want the traditional fruit cake at their wedding reception. However. Prince Phillip has retorted that he doesn't give a toss what they say. He's still going!
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    No doubt, along with Apple, Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and the whole bunch of them. Of all of them, I trust FaceBook the least. The little twit that runs it has a social agenda I don't much like and I suspect he's using his company's clout to further it wherever he can. EDIT: ... and of course the NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, MI5, MI6, KGB, GRU and various other TLAs.
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    It's one of the reasons MH is such a great place. You don't get service like this all up and down the block. John
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    It took me a minute to find the method to embed, so for anyone considering giving it a try...embedding is a 4 click and copy/paste op after image is uploaded. Uploading is just drag and drop into the MS1D Pictures folder on the PC, easy peasy. -Click my uploaded image in the Picture folder. -Click "embed" button from the menu above the image. -Click "Generate" button to generate the html link (not sure this step needed to be here...but w/e, it's like one of those stupid extra "Ok, do what I just asked you to do" steps... Coff ) -Click the link generated to highlight the link. copy (ctrl-c)... ...(ctrl-v) paste into to screen shot post...(and the image previews automatically unlike old PS and FS BBcode links) coff. edit: Oops...looks like we dual tutorial'd at the same time John.
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    In a nutshell, after putting a file in one of your OneDrive folders... 1) Right-click the image and "View Online"; a browser window will open. (If it shows the whole folder, click on the desired image; usually it goes directly to the image you want, but sometimes not, particularly if it's a fresh upload.) 2) Left-click on the ellipsis (...) in the top-line menu. [Sometimes there's an "Embed" option in the top-line menu but choosing it bypasses the ability to select an image size to display, as in 5 below - the ellipsis is better.] 3) Select "Embed" 4) Select "Generate" [If you're re-visiting an image you've already generated a link for by posting previously, this won't be shown.] 5) Select image size you want to display 6) Copy the link and paste it into the forum site. [The links tend to be pretty large compared to some other sites but still a lot smaller than your image file, and that's the whole idea. With copy and paste, size doesn't matter. - - - Did I really say that?] After you've done it a few dozen times you can pretty much click through the process in your sleep, which I often do. I'm neither an MS fan-boy nor an MS basher, exclusively. I like some of what they do/did (FSX, OneDrive, Win XP, Win 7, Win 10) and dislike some other things of theirs (MS F-Light, Win ME, Vista, Win 8/8.1, MS Office subscriptions). If I praise something of theirs you can take it to the bank that it's because I truly like IT, not because I like THEM.
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    Hi James If you are talking about the Carenado model, you should have a popup (shift+5 but I may be wrong) which allows you to choose the engine state.
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    Don't worry I understand now. I believe 10,000ft was set as a constraint at a waypoint in the FMC meaning the VNAV profile wouldn't go above unless the constraint was changed to an above or deleted. So it was still in path because it's worked its climb path out based on the constraints in the FMC.
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    It's one of those tools that is only as good as the user setting it up. It's all a matter of personal taste. That's why it's hard to recommend such tool as it might not be to everyone's taste. I would recommend using a presets and then tweak as you feel fit. It can also make a difference with different weather and time of day too. So you may end up creating several presets depending on the situation. Good luck and be patient with it.
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    nice one Ros, some great shots.....
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    Do not turn around. There are four men behind you watching us. Have you been criticizing the government again?
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