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    On route to Poland, EPKT to be exact, however I don't get mych time to fly long and this one only cruises at around 200kts so have to do it in steps, first one from Bristol to Brussels, with a few days Christmas shopping or trying Belgian chocolate or beer, in any order.... all set up, gps on but using vor's thanks to PlanG planning... on the cruise, quite low, PLanG suggested 5500ft, that's fine on this bit of the journey... cant' decide which weather to use, this was Skymaxx Pro, I find this brings FPS down to around 25-35 though... channel hopping now enroute to mainland Europe.. just coming round on the ILS, love it when a plan comes together, landing was smooth but this one is a handful on the ground.......
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    Read an article the other day regarding Easyjet and innovation. Working with Wright Electric, who have designed and built a 2 seater elctric plane, they believe they will within the next decade have a regional aircraft fully electric with a range of 335miles, they are working with info from easyjet as to what an airline would look for to go electric...this range would suit easyjet on a lot of their current routes..... Easyjet also looking at a French company that are trying to make tugs all electric, this could save the likes of Easyjet approx 50000 tonnes of fuel per year.... They are also now using drones that can be pre set with a plan to do close inspections of their jets at the maintenance facility, this can give a closer and safer inspection than current methods. They are also working with another company to develope fuel cell technology that could eventually replace noisey and costly APU's...... I am sure other airlines around the world are doing this as well.....
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    I think you should have attributed Joe's tummy ache to the lunch...I fear you are now you are in big trouble with more than simply the underworld...you're in the Doghouse now lady. Loved your 'choice' of travel contraption...because no one would ever suspect an AG truck to be up to mischief...cough cough, unless they are flying uselessly over barren dessert/outback at 10k...cough cough. Regarding alter egos, I'm kind of partial to that Charley's Angels look in the top second from the right. Last thought, wonder how much a smack at a kissing booth would cost if the Kisser was wearing 14 million dollar lipstick?
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    Wow! Just wanted to give thanks for an amazing PIREP, I'm presently in conversation with my lawyer just to make sure my reputation hasn't been compromised.
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    thanks Joe, your post got me thinking, I set up the arrows to move up/down/left/right.....works well.....I then discovered that if I pres and hold SPACE, when I move the mouse it moves the camera like it's my head, also doing that and scrolling lets me zoom in/out.....wow it was alreadt there just didn't know it exsisted..... Wayne
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    Great shots...really, a lap top? wow.
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    Hi Wayne, I have reassigned my arrow keys and page up/down to give me four lateral directions and up and down. I am sure you can assign zoom to the centre wheel of your mouse. If you want true versatility Chase Plane is the way to go, you can set up preset cameras inside and out and do all sorts of wonderful things here's the link: https://fsfxpackages.com/en/ChasePlane/ Cheers, Joe
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    nice one Matt, some fine looking shots there sir, seems like a nice flyer you have there.......
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    nice one Ros, great shots, I echo Joe in that is really good especially on a laptop......I think most devs have updated free of charge to v4 which is great.....
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    Thank Joe. Still fiddling with settings. Nice move by just flight updating their products to v4. I thought I had to purchase everything again!
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    Nice one Coff, life sure is interesting in your world, I'm sure you are being thanked for that rush delivery
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    Wow, for a laptop they are looking really good, nice display Ros Ciao!
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    Great captures, enjoyed the story behind them.
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    A bit late but Happy Thanksgiving to our friends across the pond. Enjoy you your turkeys.
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    I don't have a definitive solution but you might consider the Steam Edition of FSX. It can be picked up when they have a sale for a pretty reasonable price and I've found it to be more stable and better behaved than MS FSX. They are essentially the same and you'd have no learning curve but Steam Edition has been updated and tweaked to make it more reliable and to better use the resources of the machine, so you should have a better experience. Virtually any add-ons that work with FSX work with FSX-SE - there may be a few exceptions but not many. The folder structure is the same but has a few extra layers on top of it, i.e. you'd find it installed in Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/FSX. Once you get down to the FSX level the file folders and file structures are the same as what you're used to in MS-FSX. Happy Thanksgiving. John
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    The vintage Constellation at high altitude on a 1960-intercontinental flight:
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