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    You're not the only one. I would definitely put my hand up.. even if it was only to assist one of the flight crew with the checklists and radio
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    Mindful of the police breathalysing drivers at this time of year, after a few too many in the pub I decided to leave the car and take a bus home. Sure enough the police were stopping cars for drink drive tests but waved the bus through and I got home safe and sound. What surprised me was I'd never driven a bus before and I've no idea where I got it from.
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    Can you imagine the horror - thousands of innocent victims all talking like Donald Duck? John
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    Dear All, I would like to invite you all as Mutley's news hounds! We all have our own connections, media feeds and FS site favourites etc. so if you see any interesting or entertaining news that might interest our members then please post in this forum. In turn, I can syndicate your posts to literally millions on Twitter and Facebook! Flight sim is great! Let's share it! Cheers, Joe
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    That still doesn't excuse the fact that they weren't paying attention to the runway lights that I'm sure they have seen thousands of times.
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    I'd keep it to myself that my "Numerous Aircraft and Pilot Ratings" are from Airhauler2.
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    Funnily enough, when i've mentioned (or hubby usually has before i have had a chance to say a word) that i have done lots of virtual flying, the instructors have actually been quite open to it.. One even felt comfortable enough for me to land on my own..
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    I wouldn't tell them I was a flight simmer until I got on the ground.
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    I am sure there's evil afoot? Where he was conceived not born... the lift (elevator) could well have been in Reading JG .... urm, I'm still here gents ...
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    Putinfeld has made a few enemies in his time. The US Navy Seals are obviously in the loop with the SAS!
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    Helium disaster...oh the shrieking.
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    Interesting thread here too, about "FMS Approaches", including a discussion about some airlines having private, but approved approaches. Air Canada is not mentioned in the thread (that I noticed) but it is the KSFO Rwy 28 runways that are being discussed. https://www.pilotsofamerica.com/community/threads/fms-approach.16597/ John
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    Way too near of a miss..but thank [your pick] it was a miss. That was nearly (at least) 2 and up to 4 planes lost with many many souls. Another article from a local newpaper Mercury News...it mentions that the aircraft was on an angled FMS visual approach and thus not using the ILS system. http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/21/sfo-close-call-air-canada-pilot-was-not-using-guidance-instruments-source-says/
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    It does what it says on the tin. Air land, air bump land air bump land air bump land...
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    Not good news at all but with all new tech comes kinks to work out. That said I never understood why anyone thought this was a good idea anyway.
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