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    Did a bit of extra window cleaning on Saturday morning, thought I would spend some of the cash on this......Rotate MD80....not had time to fly yet but just gone through initial cockpit prep, so far I like it very much...
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    With the new SP this aircraft is close to perfect.
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    thank you, though I did forget to upload the tanker textures, they're coming tomorrow evening
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    Is that for my appreciation of you screenshots or for admitting what everyone already knows.
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    Great work, nicely caught.
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    Nice ones Rosario! I just downloaded the new update last night, but haven't installed yet.
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    Nicely caught, done crew transfers on many of those, we had to park behind the aircraft so that the crew could come down the back stairs and straight into the coach. The only thing was though is that that aircraft has a very thin wing and it is virtually at eye level with our driving position meaning that under certain lighting conditions it was difficult to see. More than a few of us had close squeaks with those wingtips. Thankfully none of us ever hit one.
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    thanks guys, @brett that was very interesting reading thanks for digging it up....
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    don't get the point of 0-60 in 5 secs in a truck...not really a selling point.... as someone who worked as an owner driver for over 20 years after leaving the Army there are a few things that you require with any vehicle used in industry, initial cost, electrics are still over priced, cost of running the vehicle, will it do the job? range and load capabilities..... we now run a family cleaning business, we have 3 vans all diesel, I have a small van that carries approx 500lts of water for window cleaning, currently to replace that van for a similar size is dearer and has a range of approx 120 miles, my furthest job is 74 miles away, not compatible, also if the UK swapped completely to electric we would bring the grid down..... vehicle wise the way to go is hybrid, electric around the city or in traffic where polution is highest, and normal engines on the open road... not to sure I want to go in an aircraft that relys on electricity.....
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    Two for the price of one!
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    Something I found recently on another forum. It's a link to a dissertation on debunking the myths surrounding SSD's. https://www.howtogeek.com/256859/dont-waste-time-optimizing-your-ssd-windows-knows-what-its-doing/ Caveat Emptor March
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    Climbing out of Aberdeen in a Super 80
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    Is this the switch that turns those on?
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    My PC is already immersed in a non-conducting fluid. It's called "air". John
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    This flight had no purpose other than putting a smile on my face
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    I might be slow at spotting blots, but I can make vapors. Getting in early on this month's contest. F-100 up high: F-100 down low: Boeing B337 PanAm Stratocruiser right at home: Cheers.
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