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    Ran across this today, first I've seen it. As a lot of us are still using Win7, it's an interesting way to get your problem description to someone who may be able to help. It's a short Youtube video describing the process.
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    I did, and got an e-mail back offering me ground-floor investment opportunities in Bill Gates' new "Smart City" in Arizona and the e-mail address of a Nigerian prince who needs some help moving some unclaimed funds to the US... OK - just kidding - no response yet. John
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    I think the problem with your $0.10 idea would obviously not be the money, but in setting up some sort of bank account to do this you would rightly have to provide your bank many details of your identity (if you havent already done so). The scammers may not be able to steal more than ten cents but may be able to steal your identity. I spent 19 years working for a large British bank and 17 years with a large software house. my advice would be dont do it. There are several things to consider when looking to get involved in the project you have linked to: The "providers" of this service will want to make money from this project. They will get this form adds no doubt, but remember they are experts in creating net bots and similar net programs. They will have your email after you have submitted to them. Ask your self "do I trust them not to target me with trojans etc?" In providing this service, they will be able to build up a database of email addresses that are known not to be fake. You have manually responded to their website so you are probably be real. They can sell on this data to companies that want to target people with sales emails etc. Be prepaired to be inundated with spam mail. Again my advice would be dont do it. J G
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    Ooohhhh!! I like it. I've often thought that all retired people who have a bit of computer savvy should be tasked with a once-a-day requirement to help de-nut these creeps. However I don't do it for exactly the same reason @allardjd notes. " I don't do it, not because they don't deserve it but out of concern for the possibility of focused retaliation as opposed to the normal broad-based scam-bait". You really need a throw-away email address to do this. Sounds like Re:scam is the daddy. I watched the video - very cleverly done. Here's a URL for a TED talk done by someone easily recognisable by a large part of our MH crowd who asked the same questions you're asking "What if I.....":
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    And plenty of inebriated drunks.
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    Nice shots Wayne, not an aircraft you see everyday and looks like they did a nice job with it. For those interested here is a link about those accidents and some misconceptions about the MU-2 that is no longer manufactured. https://www.flyingmag.com/safety/training/dangerous-airplanes-or-dangerous-pilots
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    The first thing that popped in my head when I saw this chubby aircraft for the first time was that it looked like a jet powered Gee Bee. I know, get my head checked.
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    Looks like a good tool to describe someone how to use a program feature they aren't familiar with as well. For example: In Airhauler someone who is baffled how to set up a Networked Mode flight could be walked through it by recreating and recording the steps using this tool, saving the file, and sending it to them.
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    I've often been tempted to screw with scammers by pretending to be interested or even setting up a bank account with about $0.10 in it and letting them talk me into revealing the routing information, pin numbers, etc. Invariably, I don't do it, not because they don't deserve it but out of concern for the possibility of focused retaliation as opposed to the normal broad-based scam-bait. Well, maybe I'll get my wish. This looks like a pretty interesting project and I can't really see the downside of it. Nothing goes on your computer. You just forward the scam e-mail(s) to them and they use a bot to scam the scammers by wasting their time responding to bot-generated responses to their scam e-mail that appear to be coming from real, almost-hooked victims. It looks brilliant and I think I might just give it a try. https://boingboing.net/2017/11/08/somebody-wrote-an-email-bot-to.html John
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    I love this aircraft and when I win the lottery it is what I would want to buy. Reminicent of the SeeBee it looks like s lot of fun. Perhaps the manufactures are giving off the wrong signals in likening the aircraft to a jet ski. Those watercraft are if anything over powered and tempt people to throw them about the water. And remember that Jet skis kill a fair few people themselves. Sad loss of life.
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    I have never been a fan of ORBX but looking at the presentation pictures it seems they have come a long way with some realistic scenery this time around. M
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    You had to be brave to ride that one, nice shots Al.
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    Bit cheeky but hey, Xmas will be with us soon. Plenty of aerated drinks.
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