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    Actually, many years ago we did pull off some skullduggery in the Sea of Okhotsk, involving an underwater communications cable and a submarine. They suspected the cable was somewhere thereabouts and found its exact location by surveying the shoreline through the periscope to find "Do Not Anchor" signs (probably in Russian). After that became public in the book "Blind Man's Bluff" they probably replaced those signs with "No Cable Here" signs, in English. John
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    Picked this one up the other week, email from Cameron saying sale at Xaviation so straight over and got it, been waiting for XP11 upgrade......nice bit of work, all looks fine, it's actually a bit of a handful and apparently the real version is banned in some places........always seems to want to roll to the right.....anyway a flight today from EHBK to EGGD, tested the checklists, startup, Navigation, Autopilot and ILS capture and landing and all was well, I even got a round of applause from my virtual pax.......a few shots below, great value I think (£15)..... ready to run through the checklists. ready to taxi, sorry landing lights are on... all cleaned up and climbing out, fairly descent weather.... just love the glass effect.... descending down to capture the ILS.... soon be home... flaps, gear, just about on the ILS.......after this I hit a cloud which cleared just in time but I couldn't get a final shot....
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    I have never been a fan of ORBX but looking at the presentation pictures it seems they have come a long way with some realistic scenery this time around. M
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