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    Vesuvius is in the middle of the bay and has never been dangerous to Naples. The so called "red zone" only includes small portions of the East side of town. Pompei, Ercolano, Torre del Greco, San Sebastiano (destroyed in 1944) and all the towns around the volcano base are the most vulnerable. I fear most the eruption of Campi Flegrei, the supervolcano west of Naples. His last eruption happened 35.000 years ago and built Naples bay as we see it today. It also made Neanderthals disappear from southern Italy. As of today, we have the gift of a wonderful landscape which I would like to enjoy for many years! 😁
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    Borrowed the plane from @wain and here I am passing right over my house
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    Also enabled the area to produce some fantastic wines as well!
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    Nice one Ros. You really live that close to Vesuvius?!
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    Although I have never heard of this guy, fatal is not good so RIP Roy Halladay.
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    Not willing to let that^ question rest without at least a brief but rewarding web Forage: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Newton's_fourth_law
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    Wow I am just loving this gigantic see-saw!
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    The first officer thought it would be a great prank to call "V1...rotate" as soon as the captain got in his seat.
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    The Wee Fat UN's penchant for cheese has finally beaten his waistline and the aircraft COG
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    ..."pull up, pull up...."...
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