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    Thanks, guys. Ha! I guess that I found a property in Florida that Alan might like for a second home!
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    HI Lucy, Glad to see that you're enjoying the FSLabs, that tutorial you've linked looks to be very good! For a bit more in depth knowledge I use this site which has PDF's of a real A320 FCOM:http://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/AIRBUS/A320.html In regards to Cold and Dark, you can get it to load straight into it. There is no requirement to load the cub first (and might be why you're having issues), you can launch the Airbus straight from the select aircraft screen. To get C+D every time, from the front page of the MCDU: Panel states > Set default state > Cold and dark. Then every time you load the A320 it should be C+D; this is how I've set it and it works flawlessly. This is how it should be done in P3D, not the the way that the tutorial tells you, as that is based off a previous version of the aircraft, where panel states were not included.
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    This is the tutorial flight I use, lots of pictures and baby-steps, that's good for me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-uSpZROuEd3WXZBTjZrQXdnZjg This plane, PMDG 737 & 747, and Majestic Dash are my top planes in P3D. I guess it might be worth pointing out what might be a couple of niggles with the FSLabs. First is that when you hook up the GPU, although you can hear it from the cockpit, if you go to an exterior view there is nothing there and the plane is sitting silent. Secondly it won't load into cold and dark, for some reason you must load the Piper Cub, shut it's engine down and then load the 'Bus - I dunno, don't ask me...Some might find those points an irritation but I am fine with it. I'm generally too busy in the cockpit to care about what's happening, (or not,) outside, and the Cub takes a few moments to sort the cold n dark. That's just a couple of things you might care to be aware of. The purchase is direct from FSLabs if that's what you're asking. I'm not aware of any on-board tutorials with the plane, Can't say I have even looked as I stick with learning through YouTube - and of course the link I've included. Oh, and are you updated to 4.1 now? The plane doesn't install into v4 which gave me a slight panic as I didn't realise at the time Hope some of this helps
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    Yup...that's the one. Flew in a VA flight out of LICJ which is also blessed with great freeware scenery.
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    just a quick update on this, as per LM instruction I download just the CLIENT (201mb), installed that update and nothing else, currently changing content only gives you rain effects that only work on default AC....restarted the sim, check using HELP on top bar, this tells you your version, and there we go updated to 4.1
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    nicely done there Al...
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    If you can just 'hang' off something it works wonders. In the UK we have 'Open' stairs in houses and i used to hang upside down on mine. Did wonders for my spine ;-)
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