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    So seeing as my P3D seems to be tech until at least November 14th, it seems only appropriate to give XP11 a fair chance and decide which sim I prefer. (Sorry XP11 fans, it's still P3D for me!) I've recently bought a few addons to try and make my XP11 experience as realistic as possible. Unfortunately the ATC massively lets XP down in my eyes. In these shots you'll see XEnviro, Flight Factor B757 pro and World Traffic. I must admit the FF757 is 100x better than the PSS B757 available on P3D. Almost everything is clickable and it's a close representation to how the aircraft actually flies - give or take. Anyway, without any further ado, here are the shots from the flight: UAL16 KEWR-EGLL KEWR22R PORTT3 PARKE J6 ALB J563 COVAN N386B YRI N562A JANJO NAT/Y BEXET SLANY UL9 DIKAS UL18 GAVGO UL9 KENET OCK1A EGLL27L You join us just after TOC, prior to our Oceanic entry point. Uneventful cruise - approaching first light just west of Ireland I have to admit, I love the way XP11 lights up the leading edges. Great effect! After 5hrs 48mins, those beastly RB211s powerback, and we begin our descent. FL140 by Kenet. Leaving Wales behind, entering England via the Severn River/Bridge Some descent shots After leaving Epsom, downwind 27L On profile, about to capture the localizer Fully established, maintaining 160kts until 4DME as per Heathrow ops All parked and ready to secure at Terminal 2B She's somebody else's problem now, goodnight aircraft! Our full routing thanks to XP moving map plugin (I only discovered it in the cruise, hence the non EWR starting point!) Thanks for looking, all comments/suggestions welcome! Have a good weekend all
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    Hey @wain, Any chance you have a paid copy of FSUIPC? Key and axis assignments are really easy with that software. That said; I use a Saitec throttle quadrant and it has a feature where going past the bottom (idle position) of the throttle range engages a switch. I have that switch assigned to keypress "F2". Gives me reverse thrust on anything that has a beta range (turboprops) or any jet. Works in FSX and P3Dv3. I have yet to convert to P3dv4. I notice that there is a specific FSUIPC version for use with ver 4. I'll be getting to that sometime soon. Also, If I read @The red barron 's statement "2, Go into Settings > Application > untick "Use system time for default scenario" this should then use the local time for wherever you are." - I think that the sense is reversed. With the box ticked, the sim uses computer (presumably local) time to set the flight time. If it is unticked, the sim uses whatever time you input. I cannot try this without removing FSUIPC as my system has that box unticked in FSX but ticked in FSUIPC. When I load a flight, the clock shows computer time. I have two clocks set in my computer - local and UTC. On those aircraft where the clock has a "mode" button, I can switch between local and UTC easily. If I want to change my flight time, I have to go in to the menu "Current Time and Season" in the FSX default flight splash screen and make the change. One word of note - FSX does not seem to be able to resolve for Daylight Saving Time. With the box ticked in FSX "General" settings, I get Local Time, not adjusted for DST.
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    Stunning shots, very realistic!
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    great pics Matt, like the last one, looks like winter is coming...
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