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    a new model on the market, and it's beautiful and easy to paint, what more could I want? work in progress:
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    I've found a way to intercept the glideslope with the Spartan. Matt's advice has helped me to have a visual clue of the gs so I can manually fly it, but I've found that if you use the copilot AP, approach work as expected and automatically follows the ILS. I've noticed it also thanks to the added Wefly autopilot. If you press APP on the pilot's side the approach light on Wefly goes away immediately and the ILS won't be flown automatically. Success is assured by the copilot instead!
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    Thanks Beejay. And I'm able to get it even more cluttered lol
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    You never quite know what you will find on a cargo manifest until you arrive in the Crewroom. Well this trip from Stansted (EGSS) to Koltsovo (USSS) was no exception with eighty reconditioned washing machines, six tonne of floor coverings and two second hand Fiat Panda's (the original 1980's version) along with a old paper converting machine. It's a pre-dawn departure out of Stansted just ahead of the first wave of Ryanair departures t various European destinations. With the sun well and truly up our route generally heads in a easterly direction over Europe before crossing into Russian airspace. Flight time for the sector is around six hours and we are keeping nicely to schedule with preparations underway for the approach at the 5hr 40mn mark. The downside of flying "freighters" is the lack of cabin crew...you have to get your own coffee! A crew shuffle, a four hour turnaround and we will soon be heading back west with who knows what on the manifest?
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    Well I guess Lt Sarah earns her pay then huh?
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    If one member of a synchronised swimming team drowns.....do the rest have to as well?
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    We have all heard of the films Goldfinger and, the man with the golden gun. What would a film be called of this little endeavour? Gold sphincter? The man with the golden bum?
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    I don't know whether to laugh or cry (or both) at that one..
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    I reckon it was an Albatross having a hot flush.
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    Personally I hope his bollocks were severely burned in the original incident. I don't subscribe to the death penalty, but as for him whinging about his rights, as far as I am concerned he forfeited all rights except to that of life the moment he tried to kill the passengers on the aircraft. With any luck his burns still hurt. If he believes in God, then he still has a lot of burning to do.
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