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    Was a great show, although now I look back at the pics, i realise that i spent far too much time enjoying myself than taking photos Here are a few more... The ProSim 737 stand was an interesting one.... although i resisted the temptation to bounce around like a maniac till i was given a free cuddly plane gonk! Nice set up at the Skalarki stand Joe, Tim, and the 'guru' from FIP Guages. Fab guy.Check out the review here: http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/jg/bs-fip/bs-fip.htm Jess as photogenic as ever. No chocolate cake this year so i brought the Lemon Drizzle to her.. Was great to meet the 'Red Baron', 'J.G.' and son, and Matt Davies who is in the throes of developing PTA V2..lovely guy
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    Milton Shutes excellen Douglas Havoc in civilian guise.
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    Probably won't hold a candle to a big Florida blow, but we're bracing for Ophelia to hit these shores Monday afternoon. Wouldn't you know it! Predicted to be the worst ever in Ireland and the first since 1961 (or thereabouts). Taking JA's advice and hunkering down in a concrete hotel out by EIDW (DUB). Cheers, March
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    I too have this one now and found that Russian civil one flew perfectly well. However as loaded the aircraft is quite overweight so fuel levels had to be reduced. It's a great addition to the hangar and once again Milton Shupe has shown many payware designers a thing or two about creativity. I've taken a couple of flights so far and am very impressed.
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    Milton Shupe's newest is a lovely flying thing. It has quite a few model variations, and some terrific blank textures to work off of for repainters. I'll probably do a Coffee paint on one of these soon. Hauls theoretically up to 13-15 thousand pounds depending on the type, have yet to try a full load. A few shots around N. Cal. A nose gunner variant: The Russian Camera version I couldn't get to take off...idk why yet. Nose Cannons variation: Yeah, that is looking death in the nose. handy sight gauge/antenna/gun sight? Also found this on the download site...an at-11 by Shupe as well, looks a bit older, but has a nice look and feel to it. Cheers. Coff.
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    The Havoc sounds great. The AT11...sounds a bit Whiny...not sure if that is accurate.
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    I'm here... or rather i'm not here... I have the baton! safe and sound, if still a bit sticky from its pervious encounter with the Mars Bar.. I can't tell you where I am holed up, given that the safety of the baton is paramount. Joe - you need to let me know who i need to make contact with before i have to ask Pierre to square away my 'kidnap' from Cambodia [ Andrew, owe you more than one, as does my friend.. need to resurrect my identity with Pierre before i lose my pilot creds, lol] In the meantime, the baton is safe with me
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    I'll bet he wouldn't try that crap with an A-10. At least not more than once. John
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    If you can just 'hang' off something it works wonders. In the UK we have 'Open' stairs in houses and i used to hang upside down on mine. Did wonders for my spine ;-)
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    Not everyone can be from Smartt, Tn.
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