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    Here are a few snaps I took of the show. Many of them were taken by Steph (hlminx) as it was difficult to get away from the stand Friday: Set up day, I had just been for a coffee in the visitor centre. My trusty van for the weekend, I just had too much stuff to fit in the back of my car! Several hours later, Tim had arrived and was getting his Plan-G display ready. Friday night, Joe and Tim at the bar (where else!) ATWC Baton made by John Allard, ready for a live handover later. (See Tim's ATWC post) Matt Davies and his crew, Matt is also the developer of PTA V2. Chillblast has a huge stand and a couple of visitors bought complete systems and took them away! John Venema, note the curved display in the background, John said it was shipped in from NZ the day before. Jess skyving, get back to your stand! James May 1:1 Airfix Kit of the Spitfire. Joe and Edward (The Red Barron) last time I met Ed was at Weston Super Mare show in 2009, he was two foot shorter then! Visitors having a go. Steph "Does my bum look big in this?" J G and J G Jnr (left) Ah, the selfie man, Lewis from A2A. Dave Perry picking up his prize, we had 10 copies of FSW and Epic Approaches to give away and the winners were drawn by Aimee Sanjari from DoveTail That's it, there was so much more going on but I was in the middle of it all. I know Steph took some shots on her own camera and if anyone else has any piccys then please add to this thread. Joe
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    Hope you had Oxygen!
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    Why the world is in trouble NORTH KOREA TO SEND MAN TO THE SUN BY 2028! Kim Jong-un announced that North Korea would be sending a man to the sun within ten years! Reporter - "But the sun is very hot. How can your man land on it?" There was a stunned silence. Nobody knew how to react. Then Kim Jong-un quietly answered "We will land at night". The entire audience broke out in thunderous applause ! Donald Trump heard what Kim had said and sneered - "What an idiot. There is no sun at night time!" And his people responded with thunderous applause!
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    Probably one of De Havillands most beautiful aircraft and the forerunner to the famous Mosquito, the DH88 Comet is an all time aviation icon. The real Black Magic is currently under restoration. http://www.cometracer.co.uk/ Thanks for viewing.
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    Bad stuff going on out your way, Matt. Hope the worst of the damage and deaths are over with. We get our turn with wildfires in the Spring, some years worse than others, but nothing like that. John
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    And Sarah Huckabee Sanders said to the reporter, "The President didn't mean that and we will just have to agree to disagree."
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    Yes, I used the slew button to take her high, then just enjoyed the ride down! It took a good couple of hours!
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    Good Garshk Alan...74,000 feet in a sailplane...did you Alt-A-A out of a space shuttle and into that bird? Looks hella fun and a very long coast back down. No wonder you have all those tip contrails...energy to burn!
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    Gorgeous plane. Every line screams Speed.
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    Great flying, don't get your wings singed!
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    Thanks for sharing the pics. It was indeed a good day out, nice to put some faces to names. There was indeed a lot of people there, and everyone seemed in high spirits; in fact some are saying that this year's show was one of the best for a number of years; well worth going if you can make it.
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    Thanks for sharing these nice pics Joe. I hope to be there next year!
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    <nerd_mode> //pushes glasses up on nose// Ahh that would be the AleniaAeronautica C-27J Spartan. You can clearly tell that it is not a C-130, even though it does share a very similar avionics suite, by the single turpo-prop on the wing. </nerd_mode> That and the fact that it says Spartan on the fuselage
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    Great pics. Seems like there is also an OzFlightSim con up on the Sunshine Coast. Might try to go next year and get some coverage.
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    Leg 5: CYEV Zubko to PATK Talkeetna. 547nm, 4.5 hours Cumulative: 1818nm, 12/5 hours After a bit of a RW gap, our flight cracks on across the border and into the US of A. For an airfield that's basically a hidden freebie, it's very nicely done. The Canadian flag over the terminal is animated, there are people wandering around, lots of static aircraft & some AI... Tanks are full for what is the longest leg of the flight so far. Good view of the airfield as we depart. Our flight planning suggests the most favourable winds are way up in the flight levels, so we don't hang about down low. Lots of cloud as you'd expect, with an occasional hole... FL200! Don't forget the oxygen checks... That ground is a lot higher than you might think! Down there is an airfield. We're about halfway, across the border, and they have fuel. Remember that: they have fuel. Nuuur-nuh! I really wanted a Jaws-like fin sticking through the cloud. Ah well. Have to settle for a Jaws-like mountain sticking through the cloud! We're descending to our destination. Remember what I said about that airport we passed earlier? I'm sure those needles shouldn't be pointing straight down! Hey, why's it gone quiet all of a sudden? So, this'll be a glide approach then! Runway in sight. Gear up (and feet up!) until the last possible moment. Phew! Turns out those "favourable high altitude winds" were really stinking headwinds! Added an hour to the flight, and of course we had 45 minutes of reserves. (whistles...) Anyhow, any landing you can walk away from, or better yet, park...! And that's pretty much the entire of Talkeetna Alaska. Even according to the Official What to do in Talkeetna site, pretty much everything involves leaving town. Hey, they have wooden moose made from bits of log!
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    You got more of a look round than I did - I didn't even know the James May Airfix Spitfire was there! (I watched him make it on the telly, lol)
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    OI! I was working. My boss told me to try that. It was good too! All in all it was a cracking weekend, and I’m just about recovered now. I was great seeing Steph again, and because I didn’t get a chance to say so on the weekend, I loved your boots. bring on next weekend.
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    Don't leave home without it, Stardate Converter http://web.cs.sunyit.edu/~rawdinm/Stardate.html
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    Just bought a hyperdrive for my trusty Beaver..... First test flight...here we go...
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    Leg 4: CYSY Sachs Harbour to CYEV Zubko. 277nm, 1.9 hours Cumulative: 1271nm, 8.0 hours I'm sure there's no truth to the rumour that they kept me locked in a cabin for two weeks! Regardless, I was happy to see that there was no unaccounted for time on the tacho when I got back into the plane! Today's flight takes us south from Banks Island and finally onto the Canadian mainland. We'll be stopping at the town of Inuvik. I said town. An actual town! Woo hoo!!!! I guess that'll be a crosswind takeoff then. I do hope we can fly sideways! The "settlement" of Sachs harbour nestles down on the beach. You'd think that protects it from the wind, but today at least the wind roared straight through town, up the hill and swirled all over the runway. Take off was "interesting". You don't need to see that, trust me. Bye bye Banks Island. That's also the last we'll see of the snow. For a while anyhow. I have a feeling it might catch up with me over the coming weeks. Doesn't take long to get up into the clouds. The passengers in the back would be playing Zombie Crush about now - if I had any passengers (sob!) Mainland ahoy! We're coming up on Eskimo Lake, although it isn't a lake, and there probably aren't any eskimos. More clouds. Descending over the Mackenzie-Beaufort Delta. Look - no snow! And trees! The bustling town of Inuvik. They have ships and proper hotels and everything! I'm following the ILS, because why not? Airport must be out there somewhere. Don't want to miss it! Final. Clearly the airport has been Orbx'd We made it. Rather a nice looking field. Parked up on the GA Apron. Gonna find me that modern hotel! Inuvik, population 3500 They even have one of those legendary ice roads in the winter Mike Zubko Airport terminal. Happening place!
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