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    I did try but I couldn't stretch that far..
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    As a footnote to this review, Russ has got back to me to advise he has just finished creating all the documentation PDF’s for every product (including MBS), so you’ll be happy to know that they will be included in the next batch of updates! Kudos to Turbulent Designs for having an open ear for their customer needs and prompt action!
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    Pilot to First officer Look at that lot taking pictures , you would think they would have seen a BUM before.
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    Oooooh, now that is interesting. Given how much digging around I’ve been doing lately with AI, this could a great upgrade, if they get it right.
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    Great Idea JG! Maybe with some Latte Art in the foam? Or something Mutley Themed... Although, frankly, i'm not sure I have the time for that kind of detail:
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    Palm Springs Mt. Shasta Hotel Del Coronado - Coronado Island - San Diego
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    Can't make it this year.. gutted as it would have been great to catch up with the gang after my absence from the hangar Was just reminiscing by looking back at the 2015 show.. good times (and good cake too ) Hopefully there will be some pics from the show for those of us that can't make it ?? ??
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