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    Had a bit of time at last to get a descent flight in, early evening trip from EGCC to EDDT, IXEG737 in Air Berlin colours....... ready at the gate pushback time...... ready to roll... climbing out.... heading towards our first waypoint.... all set up at cruise alt... staying above the weather..... nearing Berlin, descending ....... more of that weather...... on the gate, nearly time for a beer... hope you enjoyed the trip......
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    Bluegrass Can Am Rally 2017 Bluegrass Airlines - those who in the past have brought you the Great Australian Air Rally (GAAR) and the New Zealand Air Rally (NZAR) - have a new event coming up. If you're interested in some fun check out their pages at... http://bluegrassairlines.com/ ...and follow your nose to the BCAR 2017 pages - that's the Bluegrass Can Am Rally. If you like flying in the Pacific NW, western Canada and Alaska, this will be right up your alley. Here's a paragraph lifted from their description of the event... "The BCAR will be officially conducted over the period 19 Sep 17 - 16 Oct 17 and will involve a total of 10 flights. The BCAR is not a race nor a competition! It is an event in which individuals participate against their own flying ability by navigating over a series of Flight Legs on which they are aiming to fly as close as possible to an individually calculated "target time". Flight Legs can involve either and / or a combination of VOR, NDB and "dead reckoning" navigating under day Visual Flight Rule (VFR) conditions with variable departure times and weather conditions. There may be a need to make some diversions round weather to remain in VFR conditions. An allowance has been made for additional time on some legs to accommodate this." I hope that's enough to whet your appetite. I believe registration is already open and your test flight can be completed and submitted at any time. There's no need to wait for the actual dates to get started. As usual, there is a custom package of airport diagrams available in the "Events" section of the Airport Diagram Download Center here at MH. John
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    Classic Andrew Godden script, they must really miss his fantastic situation and route planning which of course you can only experience in our very own MEBAR
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    Looks like a nice model Al. Love the engineer's panel...looks con-Fusing as hell (circuit breakers I know I know).
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    Nice ones Al. Looks like they've finally sorted it.
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    So the latest leg was a short 32nm hop from Whiteman into Fullerton Mun with some toys, as you can see it was allegedly a very misty day....initally had to do a quick climb out of Whiteman then a u-turn and head down to 3000ft toward KLAX then hook a left into Fullerton, still got the counter on as this is a new ORBX area and checking the area to see if my settings are ok..... a hazy look out of the window... a busy scene below but still healthy fps... using AS16, guessing this was a good dipiction of the haze.... coming into KFUL....... all parked up, got some old neighbours here...
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