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    Spose I should get out of the bar now!
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    be good to see how that turns out....
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    Add forward trim...I bet they used lead based paint...
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    Wait a minute!! They better make a good job of it, I expect some free flights Ros
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    Heathrow - 21.06.2017 - 33.9 C. Sorry
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    Talk about yr loop De loops. Certainly a clever solution =)
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    Ok so I did something different - I temporarily installed fsx and copied the default models to a different location and removed fsx. I then deleted the panel folders from each plane. I then installed UT2 into a fake fsx directory. Then I added entries in the simobjects.cfg file for these two locations. This used to be held in the fsx.cfg but not with P3D - it's a separate file. Running vPilot model matches all planes in P3D, UT2 and FSX model folders. Hopefully this will be enough for now.
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