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    Yeah, the white looks much better and doesn't reflect the sky as much which in some shots made it look all blue. Nice work Jim.
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    The only use for the Sun is as a way of getting the fish'n'chips dinner home, and even then I'd prefer the Inde-p
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    yeah I agree with you Jom, it looks very nice in the white........
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    Actually it's even better than the other!
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    Highlands. But not really, I have Scottish blood in me veins och.
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    Hi Wayne, I didn't have any problem with A2A, their aircraft do install outside the sim as LM ask developers to do (usually in the documents/P3Dv4 addon files folder) but simple port overs dump in in the simobjects/airplanes folder. Well done for finding that rogue process. Joe
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    I'll get the ball rolling. Caribbean Blue Firefly, (the olympic flame carrier) Iron Maidens Ed Force One
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