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    Sure you all know about the Sun article which includes Naples among the most dangerous cities in the world. What have they seen? Enjoy!
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    That's a well done video to help the tourist industry. The stats are actually surprising between New York and Naples, see here. Still, Naples looks like a wonderful place to visit and if you behave street smart you should be fine, don't flash cash, jewelry or valuables around, don't walk in areas at night that aren't lit or busy, lock your bags and backpacks, put money or wallet in front pocket and so on. I would say this in any place one visits because in most cases criminals strike the unaware and easy targets. I would rather go to Naples than many South American cities or Detroit.
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    No one reads the Sun Ros! We will still visit
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    Great stuff. watch out for fuel problems in those high temps. It can evaporate quicker than a politicians promise in hot weather!
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    Dangerous? thats The Sun for you..
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    And so it begins.... cracking start to 7even Joe Some fabulous screen shots; I'm salivating over P3dv4... Like the look of the Navajo too.
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    Nicely done Matt. Good laughs, great screenshots, use of an ol' warbird and not crashing during the somewhat blind approach.
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    Nice Pirep and good choice of bird. The baton is abroad and the challenge is afoot! (Quite why the Baton is a New York woman and how the challenge resembles a foot I do not know)
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    I think that feature was left over from Bill Clinton.
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