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    Wowsers! 32:9 aspect ratio, too wide for flight sim? Click on the image above to go to Samsung product page.
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    Excuse my ignorance Joe but why is it too wide for Flight Simming? Would it not be better with two or even three, given the money and space?
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    Great shots Peter. Looks like you enjoyed it!
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    I played for an hour, sorry guys, but I gave it back to them this morning. IMHO they have a long, long, way to go with the UI before this will work as a sailing simulation. There was an Americas Cup simulation many years ago that was a lot more intuitive than this one. I found it way too "busy". Click spots all over the place and awkward mouse movements to effect trim. The steering simulation was very good, though. Instrumentation was also good. In all fairness, I loaded it to a laptop (with a trackball). It might be better on a larger screen.
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    Fair enough mate, I didn't realise.
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    Wow very cool shots. I agree with @brett, the Burgh Island Hotel looks like a great place.
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    Thanks for posting this Peter, a beautiful day, gorgeous landscape and your description of each shot was a big help for this foreigner. Makes me want to get a room over a the Burgh Island Hotel and take in the rest of this lovely area.
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    Amazing. Reality V1 still has a lot going for it . . .
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    Gorgeous day for a flight, and a great chopper. Can't wait for 256-bit so our sims get to look like that.
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    Great photos Peter. Looks like you had perfect weather for the trip. Devon is a beautiful part of the country. we'll be down there in July. nicely done.
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    Amazing, great day for flying and what a nice landscape!
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    Hi Peter, I'll take care of that for you. What a superb picture show and it looked like you were flying for some while, thanks for sharing!
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