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    With a tip of the hat to Dolf , Here are the Deutsche polizei at Munich EDDF in a Jet Ranger.
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    Lovely photo of the stage 2 high pressure turbine disk here http://www.ntsb.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/pr20161104.aspx
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    If this year is anything to go by, FSX as I simply don't fly enough at the moment to justify any major changes. However, if the right sale comes along, who knows? I will be looking closely at the new Train Sim World by DTG using the Unreal4 engine (same one as for the new FS) and comparisons with the exisiting 32-bit game
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    Whole process ran very smooth here with 80+ products. Treated myself to EGHI just to try the shop out. All went well, without incident. Must agree with you Joe, the ORBX support forum is very entertaining.
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    No not with photo real scenery as the default FSX cartoon scenery is underneath so you wouldn't see the water. So you have to make a water mask in FSET which allows the FSX water to show through the photo scenery. Hope I'm making some sense here? Cheers Michael.
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