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    royalty check... i need to taste that beer first! hold on one sec there... does the truck comes inside the bottle like a ship? than no deal! AccuGen is a new term we will use to describe our accurate Autogen libraries from now on, i think its more fitting and doesn't hurt AccuGen files feelings, their a proud bunch of files
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    Thanks guys ... moving over to P3D V3 for videomaking in a rather faster pace than expected. Not everything works the same as with FSX but a fast moving person with a suitcase or high speed cars doesn't hold me back from doing so
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    I'll just sit back and wait for that royalty check then like the accugen name...is that what youre going to market it as? There'll be a matchbox truck in the mail to you with a bottle
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    if you recall this project started because of you! and PCAviator (aka Robert; thats all the clues ill put out there for now ) a truck load plus.... the pint you already promised me! your total comes up to a pint plus a truckload by the way i coined a new Phrase (seriously i posted on our vEarth thread ) "AccuGen" as its name suggests its an accurate Autogen; as a pose to the standard Autogen which is random every time its loaded, both are controlled via the same sliders; only AccuGen's object aren't random, they will always appear in the same exact location over the Photoreal imagery when allowed to run,
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    Hi Wayne, I've just tried using my iPad but I don't see why it wouldn't work with your PC. I found a picture I liked, opened it to view then by touching and holding the screen I was able to save the image. I would imagine if you open the pictures you want and right click, you may be given the option to save the image/s. Good luck.
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    Perhaps not due to Andrew's rationale but I dont see imagery for the UK getting substantially cheaper You are such a tease though Chris, referencing a potential partner . I wont even ask as I know you wouldnt tell me! and yes, ES did do some very good work, but the processes you are implementing here are an order of magnitude above the general Treescapes product line that ES sold...the other more detailed areas by ES were much much smaller than youre aiming for! If you can come anywhere near to Shawbury Fields kind of quality with autogen autodetected buildings I will send you a truckload of beer Cheers K
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    There's a fantastic amount of detail and the sim is looking so smooth. Excellent work Jeroen
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    They have to cover the negative financial impact of BREXIT somehow.
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    things can change in the future for UK, (in the future we may be able to share existing data with a potential partner ) beside... you guys have decent work done already by Earth Simulation,
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    Nicely done Jeroen, enjoyed your look at this airport. Went to Bar Harbor once, it was a unique place to visit and the tour around Arcadia Nat. Park included a spectacular scenic drive along the coastline. The lobster? Perfect.
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