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    Hello Captains! I have just completed a forum upgrade to the latest version. This involved upgrading some of the plug-ins as well like "Who we are" at the top of the forum. Presently the forum may be slow whilst the system is rebuilding files in the background, subsequently there may be some anomalies in features that use searches such as the Who we are plugin mentioned above. I hope this does not cause too much of an inconvenience for you. Joe
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    I liked reading your review - it was great with all the relevant details. As for the JF 152 - I was tempted to get this for a little run around while I get more familiar with Vatsim, as it's nice and slow with all the relevant radios and dials at your fingertips. I hesitate though, as the price is a little steep - if you compare this to an A2A aircraft the A2A aircraft blows it out the water IMO, and for an A2A aircraft you only talk an extra fiver. I think if it goes on sale in the future, this one will be in my hangar, as I really do like Just Flight. Thanks for your detailed review mate. Jim
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    Th*nk$ f4r y0u¬ upda^te jOE; w0r<ing @t myyyyyyyyyy end.
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    Maybe give a knowing wink and tell her to get ready for a trip to the airport for a special 40th wedding anniversary. It's bound to work
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    Photo scenery for FSX, FSX Steam and P3D I plan to donate my home made photo scenery collection to an Italian contact who owns his own web site, http://www.italyphotoreal.weebly.com as he can upload to his " storage cloud", and then anyone who is interested can download when its convenient for them. On this site he is offering all the European photo scenery F.O.C but, if possible, asks for a donation for the Peter Pan Hospice Foundation in Rome for children's families to have accommodation and transport while cancer treatment is given, as a small thank you for all of his time making and processing scenery. https://www.wantedinrome.com/news/romes-peter-pan-charity-celebrates-20-years.html Its a very worth while cause and I feel it also helps give something back as when I started, on this all consuming hobby, this was the first site to offer free photo scenery to get me under way. What goes around......
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    An addition to my XP sceneries. I am glad to see that ORBX and also Fly Tampa are now doing sceneries for us XP users. 1 JF_PA28_Arrow_50 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 2 JF_PA28_Arrow_47 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 3 JF_PA28_Arrow_45 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 4 JF_PA28_Arrow_44 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 5 JF_PA28_Arrow_43 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 6 JF_PA28_Arrow_38 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 7 JF_PA28_Arrow_53 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
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    Rather amusingly, one of the testimonials from last year used as promotion on the website for this year's show...is none other than... Ooops!
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    So the JF 152 is cheaper for a single platform and WAY cheaper if you need it for more than one. Got it! This bird might be attractive to the many, many real world pilots who learned to fly in one, including me. I have vivid memories of how much better it performed on my first solo, with that lard-arsed instructor standing out on the ramp trying not to look worried. Nice job on the review, Coff. Might be the first one here written on a boat. John
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    I would like to echo John's comment above. My venture into VR was very disappointing. I don't use it now, it's to cumbersome and, with nowhere near perfect vision, a real pain to use with glasses on. I went as far as to get lens inserts but I was still not that impressed. Being used a to multi screen FS I found being limited to just one screen very irritating. All instrument views had to be layered over the main FS screen such that I couldn't see where I was going some of the time. Tracking software is a much better solution in my opinion as it is far less restricting. Arguably there is less immersion with Track IR, but on balance I prefer it to VR any day. And it is a lot less expensive.
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    Love my Track IR...can't imagine flying without it. There is an old thread around here somewhere, apologies for being a lame'o at searching for stuff, that shows how I made mine 'wireless' by hot gluing a small rechargeable USB battery pack to a headset to which the TrackIR is also attached and it's wires 'bundled' and taped compactly out of the way in the upper part of the headset...makes sim life so much better as I can just stand up with headset on and walk to the fridge for a beer...no wires attach me to the computer. FS immersion with RL freedom of movement...golden.
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    An elderly golfer comes in after a good round of golf at the new course and heads straight to the bar/restaurant area of the club house. As he passes through the swinging doors, he spots a sign hanging over the bar that reads: COLD BEER: $5.00 HAMBURGER: $10.00 CHEESEBURGER: $15.50 CHICKEN SANDWICH : $18.50 HANDYGRAM: $250.00 Checking his wallet to be sure he has the necessary money, the old golfer walks up to the bar and beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender who is serving drinks to a couple of sun-wrinkled golfers. She glides down behind the bar to the old golfer. ?Yes?" she inquires with a wide, knowing smile. "May I help you sir?" The old golfer leans over the bar and whispers, "I was wondering young lady, are you the one who gives the handygram's around here?" She looks into his wrinkled eyes and with a wide smile purrs, "Yes sir, I sure am." The old golfer leans in even closer and into her left ear says softly, "Well then, be sure to wash your hands real good, because I want a cheeseburger."
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    Thanks for the great reviews on my first review friends. It was both a pleasure and a challenge...the former for me, and the later for my editors. Big thanks to Joe and Andrew for polishing up my work.
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    Beta testing across all the sims, who are you Wayne, I thought you were just a mild mannered window cleaner in black framed glasses. Nice shots and I'm sure there will be some happy XP simmers awaiting this release.
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    Fantastic flying bird
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    That was a tough one, thanks for giving it your best everyone as you all made me laugh. My first thought was that the security guard doesn't get paid enough to tangle with a Moose. I'm giving this one to Alan for, "You heard me Moose", I said "spread 'em!" as that was my second thought, nicely done and over to you......
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    And Arnie, if you find the time in your busy weekend you might even be able to get to the Flight Sim show at Cosford.
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    Better still book her in for the whole Spa package and while she is enjoying that you go to Cosford.
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    Well, tested the ground and got a resounding "if you want to go, go". Now that kind of surprised me, to say the least. Mmm, I thought, this warrants more than a Bacon Butty. So, given it's our Ruby and I owe her plenty we're having a weekend at "Mercure Shrewsbury Albrighton Hall Hotel & Spa". I might even be able to drag her away for a few hours to mooch around Hangar 1. Well, you never know ! Will get two tickets, just in case.
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    If you have been married as long as I have Arnie she would be happy to just be with you and be out and about. Just don't forget something a little special for her to make it a 50/50 day. Happy fortieth guys, great milestone in your marriage.
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    As we lose the ability to use fossil fuels through necessity or choice much of the international travel that takes place in terms of people and goods must revert to the sea. Boats can be wind powered either directly or by electricity generated from the wind. battery weight wont be a problem, range will be limitless and no carbon footprint. We all get a parrot for our shoulder, a wooden leg and free lessons on how to properly pronounce "Ha-Harr Jim lad! Shiver me timbers!". Further more we all get to know how to get rid of Seaman Staines, how Bosons mate and what Roger the cabin boy really entails.
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    The National Transportation Safety Board reported that when the engine and window blew, the 737 tilted to the left at a forty-one-degree angle. That being the case, I'm sure everyone is thankful that Tammie Jo Shults was there to be immediately on top of the situation. When she was in the US Navy, Tammie Jo Shults was more than an F/A-18 Hornet pilot: She was an F/A-18 instructor. Absolutely outstanding flying, Captain Shults! Tammie Jo Shults
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    I am sure you can be arrested for that!
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    Crap (I mean as in 'rubbish' obviously)
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    I love that chunk of iron! Good choice!
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    You put you left in, and your right out, your left leg in, and you shake it all about, thats what its all about !!