DC-3 Airways - World Rally 2015 Airports

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DC-3 Airways - World Rally 2015 Airports

This file contains the zipped airport diagrams for the DC-3 Airways 2015 World Rally flights. One of the rally airports (NZDN) appears in two different flights so only nineteen airports are included.

The zip file contains 23 jpgs for the 19 physical airports because two required more than one plate to properly document taxiways, etc. EFHK, Helsinki, has 4 and ENDU, Bardufoss, has 2; the others are a single plate.

8S2 Cashmere-Dryden - Cashmere, Washington - US
EFHK Vantaa - Helsinki, Finland (4 plates)
EFOU Oulu - Oulu, Finland
ENDU Bardufoss AB - Bardufoss, Norway (2 plates)
ENHV Valan - Honningsvag, Norway
KCVO Corvallis Mun - Corvallis, Oregon - US
LIPV San Nicolo - Venice, Italy
LIRP San Giusto - Pisa, Italy
LPFL Flores - Flores, Portugal
LPPD Joao Paulo Ii - Ponta Delgada, Portugal
NZDN Dunedin - Dunedin, New Zealand
NZHK Hokitika - Hokitika, New Zealand
NZMF Milford Sound - Milford Sound, New Zealand
PAKT Ketchikan Intl - Ketchikan, Alaska - US
PASI Sitka Rocky Gutierrez - Sitka, Alaska - US
RPMD Bangoy Intl - Davao, Philippines
RPVM Lapu Lapu/Mactan-Cebu Intl - Lapu-Lapu, Philippines
SANU San Juan - San Juan, Argentina
SCTB Eulogio Sanchez - Santiago, Chil