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  • UIAutomationCore   By mutley

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    UIAutomationCore version 6.0.5840.16386 For Windows 7 /64 bit OS, known bug causing OOM errors when clicking a lot of menu items.   Extract the zip file, then using Windows Explorer, drag the UIAutomationCore.dll into your main FSX directory ONLY!   Then if you open the FSX folder you will see all the FSX folders going down from Addon scenery at the top to Weather the last folder.   Then under the folders all the documents appear starting with ablscpt dll going down to xuipc dll being the last.    You just drag and drop the UIA document from where you have downloaded place it over the FSX folder and let go.   Then if you open your FSX folder it will be towards the bottom of the stack.   like this:         You can now see the UIA file highlighted. (Thanks to Jaydor for the extra information)
  • JDA Added FSX Waypoints   By allardjd

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    Additional Waypoints for FSX ------------------------------------------------------- It is necessary to use multiple BGL files. FSX can accept larger BGL files but another piece of software key to my process will not.   The file naming convention for the BGL files is...   JDA Added FSX Waypoints - nnn.BGL   ...where "nnn" will be a sequential 3-digit number. The first file will be JDA Added FSX Waypoints - 001.BGL and additional files will follow suit with the numeric portion incrementing by 1 with each new file added.   NOTE: IF YOU HAVE IT FROM AN EARLIER DOWNLOAD, YOU MUST ERASE THE ORIGINAL "JDA Added FSX Waypoints.BGL" (THE ONE WITHOUT A SEQUENTIAL NUMBER IN THE FILE NAME) OR THE INITIAL ~1,900 WAYPOINTS WILL BE DUPLICATED IN FSX.   The sequentially numbered set of BGL files is cumulative; includes new batch and all previous batches. ------------------------------------------------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Update #43 - 8/3/14 57 new waypoints - 2,897 total New BGL file sizes: JDA Added FSX Waypoints - 001.BGL: 98,464 bytes JDA Added FSX Waypoints - 002.BGL: 53,248 bytes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Countries surveyed in this batch & number of new waypoints found in each (max 10):   Country - - - Found VV Vietnam - 10 EY Lithuania - 10 NZ New Zealand - 10 TG Grenada - 3 RC Taiwan - 4 FT Chad - 3 FK Cameroon - 7 LG Greece - 10 Batch Total: 57   AA005 AA050 ARA14 ARX99 CAROL D DAN12 DJ EDGUM ERALU GENIE GND07 GND08 GNDNB IAN43 IAN63 KLA12 KNA73 KNA80 KNA89 KNA98 KRO14 MKA08 MKR52 NAMOR NOB15 NOB19 NV065 OH011 OH027 OKODI OXIMU PN QUOTA RAMIG SAT52 SIDAB SUD33 SUD86 TD TNN TOBAB TSL61 TSN06 TSN29 TSN36 TSN98 USINI USLOV VISNA VOSLI VOSLO WN010 WN015 WN081 WP078 YK   This set of files will add the real-world waypoints listed above to FSX. The set of BGL files is cumulative. It contains all the earlier waypoints that were added prior to this update. These were absent in stock FSX.   These waypoints are distributed world-wide. Published routes for selected real-world flights and published lists of real-world waypoints are sources for waypoints not in stock FSX.   In the context of this project, "waypoint" may be an intersection or a GPS/RNAV waypoint.   The download file will unzip to...   Multiple "JDA Added FSX Waypoints - nnn.BGL" files JDA Added FSX Waypoints - Read Me.TXT JDA Added FSX Waypoints - Sorted List.TXT   If installed into your FSX installation, the new waypoints will become part of your FSX installation unless or until you get rid of the BGL files. The new waypoints will be visible on the FSX map and in the GPS and may be incorporated into FSX Flight Plans. If used within the active FSX Flight Plan the waypoint(s) will be listed in the NavLog page on the Kneeboard and will be used as waypoints by the GPS.   If you use Plan-G, the new waypoints will be recognized by that program after you install them in FSX and then rebuild the Plan-G database...   DATA Tab -> Build Navigational Database -> Build FSX Database -> OK Button   The file "JDA Added FSX Waypoints - Read Me.TXT" explains how to install and uninstall the new waypoints. It's as simple as copying a few files to a specified location.   I will update this collection as often as I add new waypoints to it, probably in batches of about 50 additional waypoints at a time. I'll edit this post to indicate when I've updated it. If you have a real world procedure or some real world waypoints you'd like me to add to the file, e-mail me at   Since the filenames of the BGL files will remain unchanged by updates, I'll include the BGL file sizes in this posting at each update. Over time, you'll be able to keep tabs on whether you have the most up-to-date version by the sizes of the BGL files.   The content of this material is NOT TO BE USED IN ANY WAY FOR OR IN SUPPORT OF REAL WORLD NAVIGATION.   John Allard
  • Operation Chastise Training Mission   By ddavid

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    Dambusters' 70th Anniversary Mission for FSX. Here's an opportunity to compare your skills with the pilots and crew of RAF 617 Squadron, when they attempted to breach the Ruhr Dams some 70 years ago in WWII. Take off from Menden airfield (EDLA) in a MkIII Lancaster (or an aircraft of your choice) equipped with 5 practice 'Upkeep' Bouncing Bombs and see if you can get at least 3 of the bombs to reach the wall of the Moehne Dam. The download includes scenery for the Moehne dam, together with Paul Denton's very realistic Bouncing Bomb (Thanks, Paul!) If you'd like to post a screen shot of your bombing prowess, please make a post in the Missions sub-forum - Thanks! And Good Luck...
  • FSX Power Project   By flybytes

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    FSX Power Project v4.2 - NEW FEATURES. New wind turbine models - smoother animation & up to double the previous frame rates in vicinity of the larger wind farms. New cooling tower models - improved frame rates, particularly at the closely grouped Yorkshire power stations. More than 2000 electricity pylons added to GenX Scotland North (vol.6), also many electricity sub-stations, wind turbines and the Monar Dam. Many more wind farms added to UK including London Array offshore wind farm (175 turbines), USA, and other parts of the world. More satellite earth/tracking stations added around the world.

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