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  2. UK / Ireland photoreal regions coming to XP, AFS2 and FSX/P3D!

    This announcement has set the 2019 flight simulation roadmap for me, but I will need a new PC to run all of this at acceptable framerates (and with clouds). The problem is that PCs seem to be getting more and more expensive. I have just compiled a test specification with PC Specialist, and the price came to over £1600 including VAT
  3. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    Hi Alan, great to see you back, get reel comfy in the Dizzy and establish a typical cruise speed as that is going to be central to timing this year!
  4. Today
  5. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    Thank you very much for putting this together. Ernie and Nancy have been asking me for details on our next adventure. We're getting our DC-3 Airways bird ready and plan to do the test flight tonight! Hard nights and charter flights! Seeya ATB
  6. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    Great to see you back NobbyNM.. You will like this one! Joe
  7. JF Warrior

    Very nice shots as always Wayne. I have this aircraft in P3D, and having flown the real thing I was very impressed with this model.

    Hi Tony, welcome to our forums. Do you mean views as in opinions, or views as in screenshots?!
  9. Saint Patrick's Day

    Good shots, esp the last one.
  10. Word(s) association game

    Carbon Emissions
  11. I had a neighbour called Shale once..... Althaea officinalis (Marsh Mallow)
  12. backup...

    BTW, there is a new minor update of Plan-G here: http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/?wpdmpro=plan-g-v3-2-1-151
  13. Saint Patrick's Day

    nice shots, and belated St Patricks day wishes for a great time for all, have a lot of relations over there, wifes family, would love to retire there when the time comes, always made very welcome....lets not talk about the rugby apart from to say well done Ireland, head and shoulders above the rest of us.....I'll take some Hop House 13 though, not a guinness drinker....
  14. JF Warrior

    A few shots of a flight I did yesyerday late afternoon, JF Warrior from EGGD - EGCC, first proper try out in this plane,2 things I noticed that I will approach JF about, one was no readout on EGT gauge and the other was auto fuel pump switch was not working....otherwise great flight trying to stay below the clouds as dark descended... just after take off.. looking back at Bristol... Filton, as it was over the right wing... descending on the approach to Manchester.... couldn't find GA parking.... all unloaded and securing.... seems to me a very nice aircraft to fly, feels quite solid in the air and trims very well, hidden spot on autopilot for alt hold is handy, had a few issues starting but doubtless that is down to me.......ground handling seems a pain but we all agree that's an XP11 issue so no faults with JF for that......
  15. Saint Patrick's Day

    And beating England in the Rugby...
  16. backup...

    thank you sir....
  17. backup...

    There is always an empty database for every sim. It needs to be there. It's only populated when you build that database
  18. backup...

    sorry guys I think you misunderstand.... plan-g saves files to Documnets, my documents folder gets backed up automatically to ONEDRIVE, not a problem. my question is why is there a big file in plan-g DATA folder for FSX / FS9 as I don't have them installed?

    Hi. Anyone have any views on flying a twin otter with MCP PRO AUTOPILOT? or any non default aircraft? Thanks. Tony Plymouth
  20. Marsh Mallow - a plant with sweet tasting roots . . . .
  21. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    Been waiting for this moment to arrive since last year's Mebar! Completed the test flight and registered once again, downloaded some extra Norwegian scenery and airports, etc, now let the fun and games begin. Have a great Tour everyone, and safe landings all the way. Wayne J.
  22. Milviz 310 Redux ?

    Neil, Given it's recent release, we haven't had a chance to slate it for review, but that is by no means a final indication. Our attention at the moment is focused on the conduct of the MEBAR, and when I can get my head out of that I can have a better look at our review schedule and what opportunity there might be. Having said that though, I already have the aircraft and it is a wonderful improvement on the original Milviz 310. There are some issues, though not show stoppers, and Milviz are good at regular updates so I'd think these will be addressed quickly. The sounds are excellent, and based on the little flight time I've had in it, the flight dynamics seem to be good. The price is definitely on the high side at US$49.99 for the aircraft but previous owners of the original 310 have access to a nice discount. In short, a definite consideration if price is not a concern. Cheers Andrew
  23. Just wanted to know if Mutleys will be doing a review on this latest product from Milviz? Cheers, Neil
  24. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    Did the test flight yesterday, and registered. I normally never bother entering these sort of things, but I thought, why not, lets give it a go, and see what happens. Could be good fun! Cheers, Neil
  25. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    John, Good to see you again. Flight Leg 5 has the two shortest runways with ENFA at 2,449 ft and ENRA at 2,750 ft. I'd say both of those have more than enough length for a seasoned DC-3 pilot such as yourself. Cheers Andrew
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