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  2. Caption the picture!

    This one has several possible directions it could go....
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  4. Aermacchi MB.326 - Coastline of Atlantic

    Nice shots Jury, coastline looks amazing from up there.
  5. Caption the picture!

    You guys certainly rose to the task, thanks for the yuks. My first thought was, "It wasn't waking up on a coffee shop floor that was most confusing but the fact that he had started the night off wearing a suit". This Caption goes to John for his "Former NFL player Rip(e) Va(i)n (T)winkle takes a stand by refusing to stand while Trump is in office." Well done and over to you......
  6. Aermacchi MB.326 - Coastline of Atlantic

    Great shots, terrific model. Classic freeware.
  7. Aermacchi MB.326 - Coastline of Atlantic

    Nicely done, always fun flying that jet.
  8. Word(s) association game

    I wooden tell that joke on stage without a barrier in place.
  9. The new Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 64-bit editions are now available at PC Aviator! Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition - http://www.pcaviator.com.au/store/product.php?productid=555486 Dash 8 Q400 Pilot Edition - http://www.pcaviator.com.au/store/product.php?productid=557243 Upgrade versions also available for existing owners - upgrades must be purchased from same store as the original version was purchased.
  10. Caption the picture!

    One day it fell on Reggie that ordering 'Extra Foamy' did not make his sugary candy sprinkled frappe/latte syrup spiced drinks "Lighter" in calories.
  11. Word(s) association game

    I stopped dating trees when the last one I went out with was just so wooden it wasn't funny!
  12. Caption the picture!

    When the genie asked him what he wanted to be, he said a Rasta Punk! Unfortunately the genie was hard of hearing and got some of the details wrong! The shame was too much to bear.
  13. A young chinese boy one day asks his father, " Father , how do we get our names? " His father replies, "When you are born, I take all of the cutlery out of the draw and throw it in the air and as it lands on the floor, the first three noises become your name, Hence your sister is Ying, Twang Tonk, Your mother is Ping Ting Yong etc. " The boy looks puzzled, "Well I get the idea, but why am I called, Yang Twang Bugger, The Knife's Stuck In My Foot?"
  14. A young Red Indian boy asks his father, "tell me father, how do we get our names?" The the father looks at him and says, "Well it's it's easy, as soon as the baby is born, the Shaman looks out of the teepee and the first thing he sees is what becomes your name, Hence your sister is called Bluebird, your grandfather is Golden Eagle, etc etc, anyway why do you ask Two Dogs Shagging?
  15. Great seeing you too Jess. Yep, i love those boots.. so much so that i bought 2 pairs so i always have them in reserve when these ones have gone to footware heaven..
  16. Hey Chuck! Please can you email the atwc and submit your bid, thanks
  17. For those using X-Plane, the FABULOUS Manfred Jahn C-47 has been officiall converted to XP by Aeroworx: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40334-awxdc3beta2_2xp11zip/ ( @wain ) Much like her P3D/FSX cousin, the C-47 is in OpenBeta and has had an initial release on the org. You'll see her here on ATWC Section 2 very shortly with some converted liveries.
  18. I'm slipping. Used to be one of the first in but not anymore! Put me down for anything Joe - not too fussed again!
  19. dancing in the dark

    Love all the scuffs on the wings.
  20. Already started flying @mutley so there's no chance of a late PIREP this time! (And I'm back in XP!!)
  21. Word(s) association game

    Tree growth rings, the scientific method of dating trees, aka Dendrochronology.
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