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  3. Does anyone use GSX? I have a couple of questions about it. If I was to buy this I would want to know how this would work with various aircraft, so: Can it be tailored to any aircraft? I have the Tristar professional military version on which I would want to use all of the features. Can I part of it only? So for military fast jets I would want to use only the refuel and pushback features. Any help would be great
  4. mutley

    Traffic Global

    Great last shot, you look lost on that apron!
  5. If at first you do succeed try not to look astonished
  6. Yesterday
  7. brett

    QW 787 P3DV4!

    It's a nice looking jet and shot Jury.
  8. Thanks for the great shots and have fun on the rest of your flight.
  9. wain

    Traffic Global

    A few shots from a trip I did today to EGCC...... couple of EJ'S leaving Bristol.. following one into EGCC...
  10. wain

    resolution confusion

    New monitor and keyboard should arrive today, only have space for 24inch but gone for the higher res of 2560 x1440,hope I notice a difference, mind you my current monitor was a very cheap one bought back in 2011.....re EGR valve, van still at garage, tracking down the issue, ironically the finance finished last month and I thought great a couple of years with no finance....
  11. wain

    Carlisle / EGNC

    is that one that Stobbart has been involved in?
  12. it is a very good light aircraft and looks fantastic in the XP environment....
  13. wain

    EZDOK upgrade

    I had EZDOK an age ago, I was still a bit wet behind the ears back then and never really got the hang of it, does sound to me like there is not really a use for it now as there are more options...I do try and use the options within a particular sim if I can.....thanks for your thoughts on this....
  14. superb shots, looks a very nice piece of work.....enjoy your flight....
  15. Hi guys, Currently on a LH flight from London Heathrow to Boston, so I decided to make a small post on my progress so far - I'm already bored and we've only just transferred to Shanwick Radio - another 6 hours to go. Shortly after departure from EGLL on a CPT departure Quite heavy this evening so FL340 will have to do for now. As viewed from Shannon tower Leaving the British Isles behind for the next couple of nights - lovely view of Southwest Ireland BONUS SHOTS: Today I finally bit the bullet and bought the QW787. I would have used it tonight but I realised quite quickly that I'm going to need a lot more time with it before I'm happy to take her on a voyage! Thanks for viewing, I'll update this post accordingly with more photos of my Boston trip. Goodnight!
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  17. J G

    EZDOK upgrade

    I have to agree with Joe. I had some compatibility issues with EzDok v1 and abandoned it a long time ago. I rely on the cameras that come with the aircraft and use CameraPosition X when I want a new one. It adds a new camera position or edits existing ones without having to run alongside the FS. And it is only £6.99 from JF.
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