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  2. Word(s) association game

    Broom Cupboard
  3. Leg 20 (1) Moue NWWE to White Grass NVVW

    Nicely done JG, great choice of aircraft for the storyline and as usual I get a kick out of Jasmine pulling your strings.
  4. A little present to myself

    It is. I've been on hold for months with this one but I have to say it is a game changer.
  5. Great review Jess, thanks for your time and effort to bring it to us. I hope it looks clearer in person and that it's fuzziness can be blamed on the images being downgraded in their JPG format. I do question the minimum computer requirements when comparing them to your personal specs and fps results. The 747 cockpit is not the prettiest out there but there is no question that it is one heck of an aircraft. Have not flown on one myself but have seen them through the windows from the terminals and do remember being in awe of their stature.
  6. Just Flight Christmas Sale

    I like that they even have their new Otter on discount. JF
  7. FS holiday sales are when I am Really glad I don't have kids...more toys for me. This year my stockings are in general a bit in need of darning let alone replacing, and I do drink and smoke, so I've scaled back to just a few presents this year (...so far, still got my eye on an Otter one): ORBx South America to complete my home continent, and the couple of recent birds from the Carenado sale...well one actually, the other I got on regular Tuesday discount.
  8. Word(s) association game

    Lacing together a few suggestions above: A Closet full of Comfy Shoes.
  9. A little present to myself

    Cool bit of kit. Looks quite handy.
  10. Word(s) association game

    I get called all sorts. Baldy being the least offensive, LOL!
  11. A little present to myself

    Excellent addition to the cockpit Ros, nothing wrong with having a bit of Santa's spirit within and for ourselves. These are great units and can really lessen the load for a pilot's when it comes to navigation and some areas of situational awareness during the flight phase. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with RealityXP's reemergence in the marketplace but Flight1 definitely did us a favor combining both the GTN750 and 650 in one package for one lower price.
  12. Word(s) association game

    Shoes (nothing better than comfy shoes!)
  13. A little present to myself

    Interesting combination!
  14. Leg 20 (1) Moue NWWE to White Grass NVVW

    Great pirep indeed!
  15. this has proven to be one I keep going back to, so far this sale - Open LC SA, NZ South, NZ North and EU Ireland........how can I resist for another couple of weeks, and now JF having sale, already bought Malibu and CT206H in Carenado sale, bought Arrow & TB10/TB20 back in November sale.........help........lucky I hardly drink and don't smoke....
  16. may have to get something here, the Devon is around a fiver...bonkers......like a Tornado but they always look way to complicated....
  17. Bay Area Dusk Tour, C152-II

    nice one Matt, have this one in XP11 and it is a great one to use...some really nice shots from your journey there.......love the simplicity of something like this every now and again....
  18. Back to the 70s

    great shots Ros, great aircraft.....
  19. yep great review Jess, seems like a nice bit of kit and something you obviously have a fondness for....like Matt though I can't get over the price, maybe if it was something I could not resist but for that price I would need to fly it constantly and I like to chop and change...
  20. Leg 20 (1) Moue NWWE to White Grass NVVW

    nice one JG, great rep, I knew the guy in the photos reminded me of someone, I'll have a chocolate shake Joe...
  21. A little present to myself

    nice one, we all should treat ourselves, I tend to do it a little to much though....hope you enjoy it mate....
  22. A little present to myself

    Flight1 GTN Complete
  23. Leg 20 (1) Moue NWWE to White Grass NVVW

    Superb JG, loved the commentary all the way from the Stephan Langton to the airport at Tanna . The Chinook was a masterstroke, the enemy wouldn't ever expect us to use such a conspicuous aircraft. Strange, I always feel like eating a Micky D's burger after reading your PIREPS, is there some form of autosuggestion built in, or is it something to do with orange hair?
  24. Word(s) association game

    (close to glass houses again Alan ) Scruffy
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