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  2. Word(s) association game

    Jellies and Jams; terrific spreads to facilitate the above embiggening process.
  3. Situation Files

    Only 23rd, 14:44 (UTC) at the moment... John
  4. Missing navaids

    Using stock FSX-SE data... SKI VOR is on the field ENSN NTD NDB is 2.4 NM @ 301º from ENNO KLD VOR is 22.4 NM @ 191º from ENDI (not one of the rally airports, but for reference) I think you must have borked your stock data with your navaid updates. John EDIT: I should have begun with, welcome to MH and the MEBAR. JDA
  5. Hello to all, nice to meet you and really looking forward to the event. As I am preparing for my first ever MEBAR, I started checking the Navigation instructions and I noticed that many of the referenced navaids (SKI VOR, NTD NDB, KLD VOR) do not exist in my FSXSE installations. Using Plan G and Little Nav map to verify, with or without ORBX scenery, trying with and without navigraph 1802 database. I have been also using http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html to update my navaids over time so i do not really know if things have been overwritten. Other sources of information refer to the navaids without issues so it is probably my databases and installed sceneries. http://worldaerodata.com/nav/Norway.php What is the main source of navaids used to calculate the MEBAR 2018 legs ? Any ideas what should i revert to in order to be able to used the proposed routes? Any and all ideas are appreciated. Thank you Best, Thanos Anogiatis
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  7. Situation Files

    Well, here it is 12.01am 24th March and no files to download .... ... waiting .... waiting ...
  8. Fresh from the paint shop

    Aircraft livery sorted out. Add on Norway scenery sorted out. Just the flight planning with Plan G to complete when the files are ready for download, then I'm ready to go. Wayne J.
  9. Timing & Dates

    Neil, When using a manual clock, it would be ideal to start and stop it at about 35 KIAS, but not essential, as any small difference in time will have a marginal impact over the course of the Flight Leg. I can guarantee you there will be larger impacts on your overall Flight Leg time than a few seconds manually operating a clock. No, the itinerary is just aligned with the "official" period over which the MEBAR is conducted (see the Rules) and the submission dates for PIREPs. Once the event files are available (later this evening Mildura time), you can fly and submit all PIREPs in the same day if you like, just as long as they are before the cutoff date for the individual PIREP submission dates. This is designed so as to facilitate those who might have commitments over the "official" conduct period, and anyone else so inclined, to participate in advance. Now, when you get the Event Briefing and Flight Leg Navigation Instructions, there are another set of dates for the Flight Legs, These correspond with the flight situation files and merely represent a virtual timeline to fit the plot line presented in the document. They have no bearing at all on the real world dates discussed above. Cheers Andrew
  10. Word(s) association game

    Corporation, as a reference to middle-aged spread.
  11. Just a quick question with regard to timing. As I will be using the internal aircraft clock, when is the correct time to click the counter. I know that the downloadable timer automatically starts at 35 kts, so I presume one has to do the same manually. I have the itinerary for the flight dates, but do you have to actually fly on those dates, or can one choose days that are convenient. Sorry if these questions are a bit basic, but this is the first rally that I have entered. Regards, Neil
  12. Punkie & Bonny Bea

    Great shots. Love the earlier model P-51 canopies...the later bubble canopy is too sterile/fish tanky looking to me.
  13. latelys

    Nice section of aircraft to tour stunning landscapes.
  14. Word(s) association game

    Carrier Corporation: Formerly Made in USA, now Hecho en Mexico.
  15. Leg 30: Rio to Sucre (SBRJ - SLSU)

    Phenom'inal shots Tim. Our poor baton is becoming quite the Hot Potato lately with all the rushing to get it to next hands, or legs as it were. Great job!
  16. Yesterday
  17. I have a little Satnav It sits there in my car A Satnav is a driver’s friend It tells you where you are I have a little Satnav I’ve had it all my life It’s better than the normal ones My Satnav is my wife. It gives me full instructions Especially how to drive "It’s thirty miles an hour", it says "You’re doing thirty five" It tells me when to stop and start And when to use the brake And tells me that it’s never ever Safe to overtake It tells me when a light is red And when it goes to green It seems to know instinctively Just when to intervene It lists the vehicles just in front And all those to the rear And taking this into account It specifies my gear. I’m sure no other driver Has so helpful a device For when we leave and lock the car It still gives its advice It fills me up with counselling Each journey’s pretty fraught So why don’t I exchange it And get a quieter sort? Ah well, you see, it cleans the house, Makes sure I’m properly fed, It washes all my shirts and things And – keeps me warm in bed! Despite all these advantages And my tendency to scoff, I do wish that once in a while I could turn the darn thing off!
  18. Word(s) association game

    Carrier borne aircraft
  19. Needed some Porto

    Breathtaking, super realistic!
  20. Leg 30: Rio to Sucre (SBRJ - SLSU)

    Close call Tim, you never know what that often shirtless maniac is up too. Great PIREP and shots Tim, even after taking points off for letting that aircraft get ahead of you it still rates a .
  21. latelys

    Great looking shots Dolf, nice to see some green instead of the seemingly never ending white landscape by me.
  22. Needed some Porto

    Lovely shots Dolf. Being a fan of the famous Porto product, I spent a few days there enjoying it.
  23. Punkie & Bonny Bea

    I use aitracker x. You fly one plane, the other follows
  24. Punkie & Bonny Bea

    Those P51s offer so much for repainters! Nice work yet again! I meant to ask JK, what program are you using for replaying the formations?
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