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  2. Beautiful lines on this aircraft, great shots.
  3. Terrific shots Jim
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  5. Blue Screen of Death.
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  7. Great shots Dolf, I dig that red, white and blue paint job.
  8. Hi Jim, long time no see. Nice shots, looks like the sim is set up just right. I did read something from a guy they call the "Captain" saying that porting FSX addons into PDv4 could cause instability in the sim. Not sure how true it is but it makes sense to use the v4 SDK tools to recompile certain things.
  9. Why not Jim, how often can you own your own island and Maine is a beautiful state to buss around.
  10. Simply stunning shots Dolf, thanks for sharing them.
  11. Haha yea that's what I kind of expected from treading some of the posts in ATWC =) I'll have to think of what aircraft I want to get for P3D for that final as I'll probably be flying XP11 for my legs.
  12. Wow Jess! Terrific shots. I will be downloading v4 tonight.
  13. Wow! Such good looking shots Dolf!
  14. Great shots Jess!
  15. Thanks for looking and comments guys!
  16. Looking great these shots Jim!
  17. Your're the worst one of all!
  18. So much mayhem that the last leg hasn't been posted! Looking forward to the next world navigation. Hopefully I'll be able to do a few legs (even though sim time has been pratically 0 hours this year!)
  19. Not on my watch young lady!
  20. Depends on the installer Jim, some product installer don't offer to browse for an installation directory, others cannot update the dll.xml or exe.xml file if needed so it has to be done manually. If the product uses dll's compiled in 32 bit, they will more than likely cause problems in V4. However, if it does install then yippee!!
  21. Lmao I got my 1070 8GB Tuesday - I'm well happy with it. I got mine running smooth as a nut by running a bit of software that sets the refresh rate of the monitor to 30Hz then running vsync on in sim with unlimited fps. Only good if you are happy with 30 fps which I am. You need to stream so I can watch
  22. When you say port over don't you just run the installer? Or do you use some other tool and do something special?
  23. Something to look forward to this dynamic lighting. Not sure if I'm going to install. Maybe I will and do some circuits
  24. TBH Jim, there's not a lot there, but it is a dedicated V4 product with V4 dynamic night lighting in the hangars which I haven't seen on other products yet.
  25. Thanks Jim, I am tempted to try and port mine
  26. Great shots mate. I am considering getting V4 but will wait until all my v3 add ons are all fully compatible first.
  27. Good to see ya back Jim. Been seeing your YouTube channel occasionally, but honestly, they are tooo long to more than skip through them. Hope you will share your impressions and views of V4 here occasionally...I suspect I too will be heading for it sooner than later.
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