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  2. Word(s) association game

    Is that winchcraft or am I thinking of witchcraft
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  4. Al Jazeera investigates, the Dreamliner

    The A350 now has lithium-ion batteries and has done for about a year at least now. Airbus took a bit more time to protect the battery following the 787 issues
  5. Word(s) association game

    Tirfor, hand operated Winch
  6. Word(s) association game

    Turf Accountant.
  7. Alabeo release M20R Ovation for FSX/P3D

    Thank you for the information, Andrew. I am mostly driven by cost, only because I'd rather save it to spend on something more beneficial for me, than spend it on something disappointing. As for personal needs, I have about 6 A2A aircraft filling up my 'virtual hangar' because they seem to be the best at realism and beauty, so I'm pretty well stacked there... I'm only interested in the Mooney because it is the only modern M20 out there for FS, if you don't count the Carenado M20J, which is coming on at 10 years old this November... I only look for it as a fast, high altitude, cruising machine with good performance. It also has a pretty large and powerful engine at anywhere from 280 to 310 HP. I do not expect it to be as realistic as say: (for a comparison, the A2A Comanche.) I just expect it to look good and fly fast. Creeping up on 200 KTAS cruise speed is a pretty hefty feat, even for a Naturally Aspirated piston single. The service ceiling is nothing to scoff at either, at FL200, which the Comanche can barely even try to reach... As for sales, I understand that they are HEAVILY restrictive in terms of price drop amount and frequency, (especially with new releases). I'm just hoping the Christmas sale is far enough away that they (Alabeo) might think about discounting it. As for the systems, I could see there's an electric engine monitor and avionics worth a look. I also have the GTN 750, which is another reason to be interested in it for. Thanks, -Joe
  8. Alabeo release M20R Ovation for FSX/P3D

    Joe, You could be waiting quite a while for that sale then. As a general rule, Alabeo and Carenado exclude their most recent productions from sales for some time. As for it being worth it, you ask a simple question to a not so simple answer. As the Head of Reviews for Mutley's Hangar, I have written many reviews on Alabeo aircraft, but I have only had time to have a cursory look at the M20 so far, and it is good. So, my simple answer is yes, it is worth it. However, your post strongly suggests you are driven primarily by cost and on that basis, you could be setting yourself up to being disappointed. Alabeo generally produce models which represent good value for money, but that value is a trade off between cost, quality, and features. Whilst Alabeo models tend to be more focused on the "fun of flying", as opposed to being more technical and procedural, they have suffered from price creep recently. Finally, you don't elude to what type of flying you do or why you are even interested in the M20. You ask a dozen flight simmers what the verdict is on the Alabeo M20, and you could get 12 responses saying it is great, because it is exactly the aircraft to match their personal needs and it's their opinion based on those needs. On that basis, you could purchase it and are then bitterly disappointed because it does not match your needs. Hopefully this will help you decide whether the Alabeo M20R Ovation is an aircraft you want to "shell out the cash" on. Cheers Andrew
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  10. Caption the picture!

    What did you say, you have run out of fuel. We will just have to hang around then, won't we.
  11. Alabeo release M20R Ovation for FSX/P3D

    What's the verdict? I'm waiting for the next sale to pick it up as of now, but that's tentative, so only if I know that it's worth it, I'll shell out the cash!
  12. What do you do if a group of circus performers attack you? Go for the juggler.
  13. A circus is a company of Performers who put on diverse entertainment shows that include clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, dancers, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, all wear suits...
  14. Alabeo release M20R Ovation for FSX/P3D

    The Mooney is a good looking single and the M20R has a very nice looking panel layout.
  15. Hawk

    Nice capture, and some people wonder why we fly.
  16. Word(s) association game

    Circuses = Parliament and Congress John
  17. Bread and Circuses - Panem et Circenses.
  18. first trip 737 to EGCC

    I second that
  19. Super I'm glad you enjoyed the flight. It's always like that really just chilled out and chatting. Thanks for popping by and I look forward to seeing you in stream again soon. Take care Jim
  20. first trip 737 to EGCC

    Awkward lolol
  21. TFDI 717

    Anyone with any knowledge or personal experience of these devs or their 717?...I have looked on their site, read somereviews etc...I beleive you have to opt in for beta for p3d4, however before I take the plunge I wanted to know if anyone else was using this..... Wayne
  22. Features Full FSX, P3D v2, v3, v4, and Steam compatible. Flight1 GTN 750* integration Reality XP GNS530* integration (only for FSX) Alabeo GNS530 Cold and Dark start option Superb material shines and reflections. Volumetric side view prop effect Gauges reflections Knob click sounds Windows scratches and blades shines High quality 3D model and textures. Realistic behavior *Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GNS530 are sold separately More here.. http://www.alabeo.com/index.php?accion=product&correl=131
  23. Al Jazeera investigates, the Dreamliner

    Lovely aircraft to fly in, and we're flying the Dream next year too As usual, the sensationalist press blew it up out of all proportion.
  24. Al Jazeera investigates, the Dreamliner

    I happened across this old thread and had a look to see how the 787 has panned out so far. Almost 600 built to date. No serious problems or accidents that I'm aware of since the FAA battery issue grounding was lifted following re-design of the system. They started flying again in April 2013, I believe, over a year before this article was written. I think I recall that there was one fire, above a galley, that turned out not to be related to the earlier battery issues. It's not exactly raining Dreamliners so far, so I guess they must be doing something right in Charleston after all. John
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